Switching puppy to raw and throwing up

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Barked: Wed Mar 31, '10 9:35am PST 
Ive been switching my pup to raw and yesterday night i gave him a chicken quarter and this morning he threw up 4 times back to back and it was white and foamy, why is he doing this. Also my puppy is food possesive of his raw meat but not of anything else, he growls if you touch him while eating and one times he showed his teeth. Ive tried trading treats with him but nothing is worth trading a chicken quarter for i guess so what should i do

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Sometimes when you start a new food, it can upset their stomachs for some time. Usually the white foamy throw ups mean they are hungry, my dogs do that sometimes if they haven't been fed yet that day. Id keep watching and make sure everything else is okay and the throwing up could just be from being hungry or trying to adjust to the new food. Raw digests much faster than kibble so it can leave the dog hungry at first. Its an adjustment if they are used to eating kibble all the time. If it continues it might be best to see a vet and make sure there is nothing else wrong.

As for the growling, you have to, have to, have to train him while he's still a puppy. The way I got my dogs over any sort of food aggressiveness (I forget the exact name of the behavior, maybe resource guarding?) by holding the food while they eat. ALWAYS. They have to sit and give me their paw and then I hold the food for them to eat. That way it is MY food and they ask for permission to have it. If I want to I can take it away then they let me. I taught Buddy and Captain this when they were puppies and now I can take their food, tell them to walk away from their food and they can even eat off of the same piece of meat with no problems. If you hear a growl of any kind, the meat is already in your hand and you just take it right away. Its so much easier to break a puppy of this behavior than an adult dog.

BTW, Congrats on the switch!! applause

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Pretty much exactly what happened with Banjo and by the way he's food possessive too. When I switched him he started throwing up which is a fairly normal reaction because it's something that the body isnt used to. After about a week or so he got used to all the nice meats and bones and he stopped throwing up.

As for the food possession think of it this way. You have your favourite food, one that is really really special and delicious. You're eating it and then someone comes out of no where and starts touching you while you're eating. Now in the dogs mind you're trying to get that food and they dont want to give it up so of course they're going to try and protect it. I worked with Banjo for months and he has improved greatly however I'd still never touch him while he was eating raw meat. When we feed Banjo to avoid a problem we feed him outside so he can eat in peace. If you're dog doesnt go outside you can always put him in another room while he eats. I'm not saying to ignore the problem and you should do training with him too but if it's just with raw food it may be easier to train him out of it. It's also alot easier while their puppies.

ETA: The give/take command really comes in handy.

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Should i hold his food while he eats it so he sees im giving it to him and not taking it because ive heard mixed opinions on that method

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Try it, see what you think. My dogs think I am sharing with them but some dogs might just want to steal it from the human. Talk softly with praise as he eats, might as well get some positive association with your voice and the goodies while you are at it.

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I think holding the food for your dog to eat is a good idea to try. The result varies from dog to dog, which is why there are mixed opinions on it. But it is ok to try and if it works, then great! If not, try something else, but don't give up on the training. I tried this method with
Twister, because he gulps his food without chewing and has nearly choked several times. It definately made him slow down and chew his food. Of course that's totally different from resource guarding.