Dehydrated Chicken Liver -

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Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 9:28am PST 
Is anyone familiar with how to do this?

We have a commercial incubator that keeps a constant temp of 140 degrees. We were thinking of trying to use this to dehydrate chicken liver.

Well, now I have 40 pounds of chicken liver and I'm hesitant to start because I'm not too sure about what I'm suppose to do.

The fan blows from the bottom shrug instead of the sides and i'm concerned about how much the liver will drip and how to protect the bottom.

If anyone has any ideas - we'd greatly appreciate them!

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Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 9:40am PST 
we use a dehydrater, and it gets pretty drippy and creepy looking laugh out loud i dont htink there is much you could do to protect the fan since you cant cover it or it wouldnt help.... i have no ideas just wanted to let you know that it does get icky when doing liver...

hope you figure it out!

Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 10:31am PST 
I make a dried chicken liver treat, but don't use a dehydrator.

Just boil the chicken livers in a pot of water (add some garlic powder to make them even stinkier!) until they are brown all the way through. Then spread on a baking sheet and stick it in the oven or convection oven at 250F for an hour to an hour and a half. Check them a couple of times to make sure they aren't browning too much, flip them over a couple of times to get even drying. Since they are not dehydrated, you still should store them in the fridge. But they stay soft so you can break little pieces off for training treats.



Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 11:50am PST 
Okay, thanks to both of you!

I was up to my elbows in chicken livers but I've got it in the incubator. I have a salad spinner that I spun a little at a time in to help get rid of more blood.

I have 3 trays worth in there. As far as the bottom where the fan is, it has vents on both side and in the front that are about 5" x 10" so I just avoided placing liver along the sides of the trays.

I also placed foil at the bottom between the vents. So far just a few drops of blood on the foil. YAY!!!

I sure hope this works...I would think it works just like a dehydrater - I guess we'll find out!

What temp and how long?

Thanks again!