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How much kelp powder should you give a 100lb dog per day?

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According to Kymythy Shultze you should give a 100# dog one tablespoon of a kelp-alfalfa 50/50 mix per day along with their meals.

According to the dosage info on a bag of Feelgood brand kelp-alfalfa 50/50 mix you should give a 100 pound dog 2-4 teaspoons a day.

According to Mountain Dog Food you should give any dog over 50# one half of a teaspoon of kelp a day.

Lots of raw feeders don't give any.

As you can see there isn't any real consensus on dosage. I think it's one of those things that you need to read about and research in as many places as you can find and come up with a solution based on what you think after doing your research and your particular individual needs.
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I am a big girl (>100 lbs) and I get Icelandic kelp in my daily homemade supplement. I also get alfalfa in that supplement. The supplement is a mixture of stuff so my person would have to go back and check her calculations for what I am getting now. I started out with a lower normal amount but my body actually needs lots more of both. My needs are greater for the kelp but most notably for the alfalfa. Need and love that stuff!

As Meridian pointed out, you'll need to research for your personal needs.


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Also if your dog has an illness or condition, be sure to ask the vet as kelp contains iodine which could cause some adverse reaction with compromised immune systems.

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Thanks guys! Mom's been on holidays and has been lazy in a reply.

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All kelp products contain different amounts of iodine, that's why no one can give you a specific feed 'blank' amount of kelp. If you feel you must supplement it, its best to know what your dogs RDA for iodine is (100 lb dog's RDA is 518 mcg per day), and go from there. I wouldn't go with more than half that amount with supplements, because you are already getting some iodine in the foods you eat (egg yolks, fish etc.) and its not something you want to overdo.
So just look at your product and figure out how much of it will give you 259 mcg iodine per day. If the amount isn't on there, contact the company for the iodine amount.