Raw Prey Model guidelines

This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your dog's diet, please contact your vet!

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google Marc- Emery!
Barked: Tue Jul 7, '09 7:20pm PST 
shock that excel is so awesome! This whole thing has made my brain go OOWWWWW

and that just wow. Awesome. Kudos to the person(s) that put that together!

And yeah I was in the raw forum reading the "so you want to start feeding raw" thread and ended up here. I'm jst going through everything. I've been reading up on raw diets with cats, but not dogs and I figured there'd be a big difference (like veggies, thought dogs were supposed to have them but guess not)
The Hounds- of- Bassetville- +3

Food? Where?!?
Barked: Tue Jul 7, '09 8:15pm PST 
Great post Summer!!blue dog

throw me a- frickin' bone- here

Barked: Wed Jul 8, '09 12:07pm PST 
Summer, we love you so much. Miss says you can have all the organs you want, she won't mind if you take them from her!


Barked: Sun Apr 4, '10 12:39pm PST 
how many times week should i give liver or organs

The world is my- food bowl!
Barked: Sun Apr 4, '10 1:05pm PST 
Trouble when you first introduce organs, you'll want to give little slivers over time, maybe every day of the week. When the dog is used to it, you can choose to give it over a week or once a week, or whatever you please.

anybody- saw- snow????
Barked: Thu May 20, '10 4:09pm PST 
OK this subject may have been discussed apready but i am new and i do not know it, so please somebody could u tell me which raw diet is good???? RMB or BARF??????i went to many sites and read many info about both diets, and they both have some opposite info whcih is is the right one? who to believe????

I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Thu May 20, '10 4:31pm PST 
You have to choose! They are both good diets. I put Max's usual meals into nutritondata.com and saw no advantage to using veggies so I am comfortable with the prey model diet aka frankenprey.

My only issue is the bone content. I don't know about now but when it was started the BARF diet was a whole bunch of chicken necks or wings with ground meat, organ and vegetable glop for dinner. One neck or wing is more calcium than Max needs in a day. I would be feeding a meatier bone like a thigh or breast section for a meal and more meat, veggie glop and organ for dinner or even better all in one meal. Too much bone means shortchanging protein I think.

anybody- saw- snow????
Barked: Fri May 21, '10 9:17am PST 
hmm....so which of the models are u pups doing????? prey or BARF????????
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