Breed Question, and Feeder

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Barked: Mon Nov 25, '13 9:16am PST 
Hi. Hope everyone's doing well. New to this website.

I have a general "What is Cooper?" question and a related feeding question. Cooper is a rescue dog that I adopted last month. They classified him as a GSD/Akita mix, and I'm wondering which breed you all think he seems to be leaning toward? Not a problem either way (I love both breeds), but I'm just curious what people who know dogs think he is. Picture and info on his page.

The related question is what he's eating vs. his growth. I'm feeding him Puppy Vantage from Earthborn, and he's eating about 3 cups a day (per the bag) divided into two feedings (morning and night). He's just about 15 weeks old now, and he weighs about 18.5 pounds. This seems light for either breed, although the vet doesn't see a problem with his weight --I believe he was just over 8 pounds when I got him at around 9 weeks old.

Any thoughts on the breed? And might I be underfeeding, or is a growth spurt coming and then I'll be asking if I'm overfeeding?

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Mon Nov 25, '13 12:28pm PST 
He looks like a purebred cutie to me wink

As for food, just start by going with what the bag says for his weight/age. Being a mix who's parents you were not able to personally see, there is no way to properly judge what size he will be when fully grown. Just because he looks like a GSD/Akita mix, doesn't mean he will get to either of those sizes, and its generally not a good idea to overfeed simply because your dog "might" be bigger. For growing puppies, it is almost always a good idea to keep them on the lean side... this will take stress off their growing joints and help to later prevent issues like hip/elbow dysplasia.

3 cubs for his age/weight based on the calories in the food you are feeding (which are 445 per cup) seems right.