House training help - it's a long post but please help!

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Barked: Sun Nov 3, '13 12:39pm PST 
My hummy (human mommy) is pulling out her hair about house breaking. I have a crate, which I like to sleep in just fine, even when she leaves the house or is asleep at night - no whining or barking. But we live in an apartment, so she has to take me on the leash outside. I am getting better with the harness and the leash, and at first did really, really well. Then a couple of things happened that set us back, and hummy doesn't know how to proceed.

First, there were a bunch of thunderstorms and it rained like 7 inches in 12 hours, so she couldn't just take me "out" for almost a whole day and night. The thunderstorms didn't scare me because I am really well-adjusted, I just didn't like standing in the rain.

Then there were a couple of incidents where other dogs barked at me really loudly, once in mid-squat that scared the crap back into me, and a couple of dogs that thought I might taste good. So I will go and walk, but I won't poop until I get back inside.

Now we have treats and rewards. Hummy didn't want to use potty pads, but at this point she is ready to try anything to just get me to go potty in one place, then she can start to move me more outside. Since I got scared, even if mommy says "Good boy!" while I am pooping or peeing I will jump and stop right away, so grabbing me mid-pee to put me on the grass is really hard.

She did get one of those real grass potty things, but it is too small and all I want to do is dig in it. Even though I am small, there is only enough room for me to turn around once.

She's also been cleaning up all of my messes and using an enzymatic cleaner, so I never go in the same place twice cuz my smell isn't there.

Help my hummy, she loves me and wants me to be happy and to go potty outside like a good boy. And I love her and want to make her happy.thinking

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If u don't want to use potty pads I recommend keeping him on leash even inside and taking him out every 2 hours to use the bathroom. Just keep walking until he goes. Look for a more quiet place. They have them at apartment complexes they r just hidden. Try looking up a hill or something. There is probably a place no one else goes.
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My first thought is you need to go back to basics. Don't keep changing the training....outside, pee pads, grass pads. It's confusing.

Is there another place you can walk your dog without distractions? It's important to make outside a positive place. I like the treat reward system. Any time your dog pees or poop they get a reward. Keep doing it and then over time, remove the treats a little at a time.

It's important not to confuse your dog. I just think by allowing it inside, in a very specific place, ins't a good idea. I know there are some situations where you don't have much of a choice, but I would really stick with the outdoor training first. Keep at it and make outside time a positive, fun experience