Introducing Astra the Silken Windhound pup!

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Astra is my 15 week old Silken Windhound puppy. She is phenomenal in temperament and is soon to start her training to be my service dog.

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welcome Astra! Such a gorgeous breed; if I ever decide to get a sighthound, they're at the top of my list cloud 9

Good luck with your SD prospect puppy
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Gorgeous. I've never heard of the Silken Windhound so thanks so much for sharing and enlightening me dog walk

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Welcome! Very cute!

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I have an Italian greyhound and we met 2 silkened windhounds at the dog park and they were very sweet and as fast as my Italian greyhound sandy they had a blast running around. Silkened windhounds are pretty rare, but u might consider looking on meet up.com for a whippet or Italian greyhound group near u so your dog can run around with other sight hounds. Sandy really enjoys being with other Italian greyhounds that he can run with.
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Welcome! I think she's beautiful, I always admired Silken Windhounds.