Our new puppy Quincey...............is he part pitbull/boxer?

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Barked: Sun Aug 25, '13 1:14pm PST 

We just got a new puppy yesterday, he is super sweet, not aggressive (he is standoffish even with our cats), but my boyfriend pointed out that though we were told he was a German Shorthair Pointer, and he does have a lot of those traits, the nose and the jaw are very pitbull. Any thoughts anyone?

Spoiled Little- Girl
Barked: Sun Aug 25, '13 4:34pm PST 
He looks like a mix between those two breeds German pointer/Pitbull type
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Barked: Sun Aug 25, '13 5:47pm PST 
I agree with Hazel. welcome


forever loved
Barked: Sun Aug 25, '13 6:44pm PST 
I also concur with the consensus. smile He looks adorable and I love his name! cloud 9

Serious Face
Barked: Mon Aug 26, '13 8:52am PST 
Agree with Hazel, the coloring is right for a Pointer but the shape has some bully in it.

What a cutie though! He'll probably get used to the cats, he just may not have any idea what they are and how to interact with them. smile
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Dean Dean the- Human Eatin- Machine
Barked: Tue Aug 27, '13 2:45pm PST 
Definitely has some pittie. He looks like me!!!

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Barked: Wed Aug 28, '13 11:16am PST 
Agree with everyone on the pointer x pitt mix. I love his colour, beautiful!

Big guy
Barked: Wed Aug 28, '13 5:19pm PST 
Definitely has some pit in him and absolutely adorable!