Another quest for breed guesses

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Gorilla Grod

Barked: Sun Aug 18, '13 4:35pm PST 
When I got Gorilla, I was told that his mom was a Choc Lab/Golden Retriever mix and that his dad was a Shar-pei. There are a couple pics on his profile page.

I can see the Lab in him, but Shar-pei? Not convinced. I have a feeling Gorilla's dad was a Pit Bull or Pit mix, and the people just didn't think I'd take him if they said that.

The strange thing is he seems taller and thinner than pictures of lab or pit puppies at his age (he's 9 weeks old and weighs about 10-11 lbs).

Anyway, anyone want to guess? I've been jokingly calling him Chinese Labrabull laugh out loud

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Barked: Sun Aug 18, '13 5:58pm PST 
Hmm, maybe american bulldog? I did recently see a lab x american bulldog and I do see some of the similarities in him smile
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Barked: Mon Aug 19, '13 5:22pm PST 
What a cutie!
And I think you are right, not a drop of Shar Pei, but I see a little Pit in there.
Pit / Lab mixes make great dogs. Enjoy!