Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 10:48pm PST 
Wow. Poor you having to look at that every day. laugh out loud How ridiculously adorable!
Maci & Harley & Jigar

Golden butts
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 7:59am PST 
Cuteness and smarts all in one adorable fun bundle. Congrats!

The Snuggler
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 8:48pm PST 
welcome Rundle!

Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Thu Jul 4, '13 10:20pm PST 
Omg! Adorable!! I just want to squish him!

Where did I bury- that bone- again...
Barked: Sat Jul 6, '13 8:53am PST 
So cute!big grin
I love the name too
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