my little bud fighting from parvovirus: 5th day

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i get so many- cuddles :)
Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 6:36am PST 
Hello everyone, my 4 month old dachshund "brent" is fighting parvo and its his 5th day. he started vomiting white foam on saturday,and on sunday he refused to eat and drink, we took him to a vet that day and the vet said that hes just having an upset stomach, took him home and still refuses to eat, we had to force him to drink water with some dextrose powder as what the vet said and then that night he had diarrhea with a foul stench.no vets were open on sundays so we had to watch over him and kept him hydrated till the next morning, took him to another vet on monday, thats when we got the bad news.

day 2 (tuesday) little bud was holding on, docs said there was just a tinge of blood in his stool, still liquid though, better than how it was on monday.he wasnt as skinny as i was expecting. he was there lookin at us but wasnt really as perky as he used to be. on that night, the vet said he had vomited blood 3 times, the first vomit had a lot of blood and the rest were minimal.

day 3(wednesday) when we visited him in the morning, my boy sure was very excited in seeing us, he missed the belly belly (me rubbing his belly). he was very responsive when we visited him, but still weak.he was wagging his tail a bit, his vomiting was controlled but still had loose and bloody diarrhea.

day 4 (thursday) we saw how much brent suffers when the vet gives him his medication.. antibiotics, some supplements, and antibodies were given to him, the antibiotics seemed to be very painful. it was hard to see him in pain and knowing that he is going through this each day. but he is fighting. all we could do is to rub him gently and telling him that he will make it and that we are missing him so much. they said that there was a bit of improvement on his diarrhea, he is pooping out old blood, they said that since he hasnt vomited since wednesday night, they will force feed brent some ID food. i thought it was good news but that night, we got a text from the vet saying that he is not in a good condition. he did not absorb the food they have given him and started to vomit again.

Day5 Today: we have never seen him so weak, but he still managed to get his head up, he was excited to see us, but did not have the energy to fully get up. my heart broke, and i couldnt do anything but to rub his head and talk to him that he needs to fight, it took him this long and i know he will make it. im trying to think positive, i have faith in my dog, and im still praying that he will pull through.

i hope it isnt much to ask but please have brent in your prayers too. i love my buddy boy and he means so much to us.

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Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 7:49am PST 
It's never too much to ask.

Get better Brent! Many hugs to you and your mom.hug
River Dancer

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 4:36pm PST 
hug Feel better Brenthug


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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 4:38pm PST 
hughugPOP for you little brenthughug get better soon

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 4:41pm PST 

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 4:42pm PST 
hughughug I had a puppy a long time ago that had parvo. It was hard to watch, but he did make it and lived till the ripe age of 13. Power of the paw to Brenthughughug

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 6:08pm PST 
hug Brent, you and your mama are in our thoughts..praying for improvement!! hug hug
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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 7:01pm PST 
Sending my prayers for you. My rescue fostered a litter that contracted parvo. Two pups died, and one other little guy, Seth, was about to. But he was so clearly really fighting to hang on, I actually went ahead and accepted a deposit on him, with appropriate warnings and sent them daily reports. I did believe in him, though, and he did pull through smile Keep up with those visits and give him something to hang in for. Sometimes, that's the best medicine. hug

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 9:44pm PST 
Hang in there.hughug Sending all the positive thoughts and energy we've got.
Visit with him, touch him, cuddle him and let him know you're there.

Brave of Heart
Barked: Sat Jan 12, '13 6:06am PST 
Saying a prayer for him right now. Hang in there.
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