How to care for three week old pitbull puppy? (Please read!)

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A man gave the puppy to me saying that the pup's mother died and he couldn't take care of the puppy. I do have another dog, a two year old shih tzu mix. Of course though, I got the shih tzu mix at 3 months old and the pitbull puppy is (as I said) three WEEKS old. I'd like advice on how to care for her like for feeding, potty training (I'm not sure when exactly to start it, and if she can pee/poo on her own yet), shots, and how to play with her to socialize her.
Sorry for talking too much and thanks A BUNCH for helping me!
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Does she have teeth yet? If she does, you can soak puppy kibble so it's really soft. It's been a long time since I've been around very small pups, I'm not sure, but at three weeks she may not be able to go to the bathroom by herself. Try wiping her privates with a warm moist paper towel to stimulate her to go potty. Hopefully someone else will pop in to give better advice. Good Luck with her.
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Also, dogs don't have good potty control until they are between 4 and 6 months old. So, at 3 weeks, she will not have any control. Good Luck!


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I would get puppy formula from the vet or pet store and give it to the puppy, if he has teeth soak the kibble in the formula and make it real mushy. if the puppy does not have teeth use a puppy bottle to feed the formula,if the puppy can lap from a bowl a saucer of formula will work.

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You definitely want to call the vet ASAP for step by step advice. I've cared for very young kittens but not puppies. I would imagine warmth, feeding, and making sure he's peeing and pooping enough are the main concerns right now.

If you're home I would think kangaroo care-like with preemie humans-would be helpful, if you're watching tv or relaxing, hold him in a blankie against your chest...keeping in mind he's not wearing diapers.

The first food I offered toddler kittens was cooked cooled baby oatmeal thinned to liquid with milk supplement. Our Sushi was raised like that and is now the size of a small spaniel-17lbs of cat is pretty healthy!
Good Luck and Best Wishes
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I posted this over in the answers section when you asked there so I will repeat it here:
At three weeks she should be old enough to eat on her own. Get a GOOD quality puppy food, grind it in a blender or grinder while still dry and then add warm water to make it soupy. Or, you can pour boiling water over it and let it soften on its own but the grinding is easier as you can grind enough for a whole week at once. At any rate, you want it soft enough to make mushy, soupy food.
Feed her four or five times a day, as much as she will eat in five minutes. Keep fresh water out for her all the time.
Almost all puppies are born with roundworms and three weeks is when they cause problems so get some nemex (also called strongid or pyrantel palmonate), from your vet (or Tractor Supply, etc.), and give her some of that according to the directions. Repeat every ten days to two weeks.
Gradually allow the food to be less mushy according to how well she can eat it. My labs usually will eat it with just warm water over it when they are about 4 weeks old.