7 week old puppy: What breeds do you think?

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Rufus R Dogg

Barked: Sun Dec 30, '12 2:09am PST 
A friend found Rufus in an abandoned old barn. He came to us about a week and half ago. He is adjusting to his new home well. We think he's possibly a mix of Australian cattle dog and lab. What do you think?

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Barked: Sun Dec 30, '12 8:47pm PST 
Maybe you could provide us photos so we would at least get a glimpse of what he actually looks like? big grin

Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 8:03am PST 
From the one picture I see Catahoula leopard dog.


Do you even- lift?
Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 9:20am PST 
He looks more like a red merle Australian Shepherd than Catahoula or Cattle Dog to me.

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Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 12:49pm PST 
I agree with Onyx on the Aussie...very cute pup!puppy

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It moves? Love- it!
Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 4:10pm PST 
There's deffinately some austrailian shepard in him.