New Picture of Gucci's Eyes

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Barked: Wed Dec 12, '12 10:42pm PST 
Since no one seems to belive me that my all white albino/ doible merle chihuahua has blue eyes I finally got a good picture it also shows the pupils that are odd shaped smile I have posted it on my profile as blue eyes

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Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 1:06am PST 
Your dog's eyes are nice to look at. Weird, but in a nice way. big grin
Jackson Tan

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Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 3:02am PST 
Yeah, she definitely has the star burst pupils of a double merle. Be careful not to expose her to bright light, I hear it can be very painful as they cannot restrict.

I'm pretty sure all double merles have blue eyes? No such thing as albino though, albinism is fatal to dogs, they are born dead. It happened to my neighbor's dog when I was a kid, it was a pure white pup but I can't remember the eye colour.

Mishka &- Luna

Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 10:50pm PST 
Dogs with blue eyes can restrict just not as much as dogs with brown eyes. I don't believe that exposure to bright light is painful due to huskies have blue eyes and so does aussies. Gucci seems to have a bit of nystagmus which is where the eyes are a little bit cross eyed which is not a big deal. It happens a lot in dogs with blue eyes same as cats.
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Barked: Wed Dec 19, '12 2:30pm PST 
Im with Jackson, i thought all Double merles had blue eyes

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Barked: Wed Dec 19, '12 2:36pm PST 
I think Jackson meant their eyes are more sensitive to bright light not because of their iris color, but because of the irregular shape of the pupil itself, which is solely a double merle thing.
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Barked: Wed Dec 19, '12 3:58pm PST 
Miska, "Nystagmus is a term to describe fast, uncontrollable movements of the eyes ... The term "dancing eyes" has been used to describe nystagmus."
Quoted from the Medline Plus site.
I think you might have meant Strabismus which is when one eye follows the other, stronger eye, leading to a cross eyed appearance.
And, yes, the bright light pain reference is in relation to the shape of the pupil, NOT the eye color blue.

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Barked: Fri Dec 21, '12 5:09am PST 
Mishka, huskies cannot come in merle, nor can they be double merle, so where do you get your information about that?

There's a BIG difference between China eyes and the eyes of a blue merle and the eyes of a double merle. I come from a herding breed, so unfortunately I know about color genetics.

The eyes of a double merle are damaged and cannot constrict to filter out light. Some cases are worse then others, but yes, they actually DO find bright light painful. Merle is a masking gene, much like brindle and sable. In most cases, a single copy will not result in blindness or deafness.

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Barked: Fri Dec 21, '12 5:11am PST 
AND then you also have to take into consideration the piebald gene, which could be why that puppy is totally white. It might just be because she is white piebald on top of being a double merle.

She is NOT an albino.
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Barked: Fri Dec 21, '12 12:17pm PST 
Albinism is not fatal in dogs. Also there are different forms of it, and albinos can have different eye colors including blue, pink, red... This is not an albino but some types of albinism do occur in dogs.

Gucci you may want to consider getting her some Doggles to protect her eyes?