Dog is driving me crazy--constant whining and nothing seems to make him happy!!

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Barked: Fri Nov 2, '12 1:44pm PST 
Once in a while Frankie goes into this very annoying whining mode. Good gracious is it annoying!!
Check to see if he has to potty, give him the potty command, wait and wait and wait. Clearly that is not it (sometimes he does this when we KNOW his bladder and bowels are empty!!) See if he wants to play, nope. See if he wants foood, nope. See if he wants water. nope!

He is a chronic whiner and a big baby. Everyone comments on how much he whines and for no apprarent reason..

Sometimes it just gets on your nerves, and a sharp 'quit whining!' leads to a look like we just stuck a knife in his litle heart..frown

He is 18 months as of today.
Shuldn't he be past the whiny puppy mode...? thinking

I know pups/dogs whine, but as others have said, he gets downright incessant with it..confused

Ignoring him does not work...Everything we have tried does not seem to work.,,I had thought he would out-grow this, but clearly it is not anytime soon, if ever..confused

Is this a toy breed thing or will he (heopfully) outgrow it at some point...?

I would almost take a barky dog over this incessant whining....

Love the little guy to pieces though!

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Barked: Fri Nov 2, '12 2:52pm PST 
I'll trade you my 95 pound barker for your 5 pound whiner!! laugh out loud
Seriously, though..I do know how annoying this can be. You say you've tried ignoring him. How long did you do this for? What did it look like? Did you crate him or just ignore him in your presence. When you ignore, do you look at him..even slightly? Do you sigh, or make any noise? All it takes is that little inch of reinforcement & he'll keep it up. The habit is hard to break..after all it works for him. He gets your attention.
I'm no fan of crating for punishment/deterrent, but if you have a bathroom or a baby gated room that will suffice. Removing him from what he wants...to be with you...should work. But like anything it takes time..some dogs will get it in one session, others take much longer. Only isolate him while he whines. As soon as he stops, give tons of praise & release him for a quick play/snuggle.

Cheese? PLEASE!
Barked: Tue Nov 6, '12 12:54pm PST 
Thanks so much..smile

It gets a little frustrating because not only is the sound a tad annoying but as a pet owner I wonder 'if' something is wrong. He has been/seems healthy, so my guess is he just turns into a big baby now and then! dog

I have been ignoring him, and even careful not to let out even a remote a sigh or blink an eye, because they do pick up any little cue that 'tells' them they are getting attention..so the ignore-as-if-he-is-not-even-in-the-room, whining, what whining...?? mode has been working..wink

On that note, too, it is wonderful to see the progress he has made this past week..
He was (is) still somewhat of a play-nipper (mostly with me, not others, but still..), and I have really really REALLLLLYY been cracking down on him with the 'no bite' command, and for the first time he seems to really 'listen' and as soon as he hears 'no bite!', the teeth come off the skin. cheer

His nipping was getting really tiresome,plus I have bad wrists, so him biting on my wrists, even ligthly, would cause me even more pain that would last thru the night/day, so thank goodness the nipping seems to be stopping. It just got to be a bad habit, and anytime he would start, I would correct him, and S/O does not like me 'yelling' or using a harsh voice, so then me and S/O would 'argue' bc I was trying to teach the dog, etc....So of course the dog thought I was 'yelling' at S/O and it was never registering that I was 'yelling' at him. Well, this past week, I chose to ignore the S/O, too, and concentrate on the dog..totally focusing on THE DOG when I was 'correcting' and not even blinking towards S/O...the message seems to be getting through nice and clear....cheer


Barked: Tue Nov 6, '12 2:04pm PST 
The yelling "harsh voice" could be what's causing his whining. Raising your voice doesn't actually teach a dog anything. Some dogs will learn to ignore it because they don't at all understand why you're doing it, others however will become anxious as they'll start to see you as an unpredictable. Sometimes you're nice, other times you get mad and they have no idea why shrug

I'd cut any sort of harsh voice out and stick to training Frankie better. If he's well trained you shouldn't really need to guess if he has to go out, you'll know. The snapping on your hands should have been stopped by 6 months of age. You also shouldn't have to be guessing if he's hungry or thirsty. Keep water out for him at all times and feed him on a schedule. At 18 months old there is no reason to be jumping up to try to cater to his whining. When you do you're teaching him that you pay attention to him when he does it and I'm sure that's not the impression you're hoping to give.