Spaying and the cost rant!!

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Barked: Fri Nov 2, '12 3:15pm PST 
Im not sure why the size of the dog matters. Regardless of the size of the dog they are still getting medications, anesthesia etc.
I would see what that includes? Are they using a IV catheter, fluids, a LVT monitoring and providing good care pre/post surgery. Does it come with pain medications, ecollar, antibiotics if necessary?
If they are literally just knocking the dog out and spaying it the cost should be lower. if they are providing exceptional care before and after you should be happy the price is what it is.
Owning a puppy and raising it is expensive. Your only other option is a low cost spay/neuter clinic. They are wham bam thank you maam surgeries. But an option for people trying to save their cash.

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Barked: Sat Nov 3, '12 6:01am PST 
Wow. I'm not terribly surprised at the American ethnocentrism I'm seeing; it's pretty common.


With as many people as you guys have, there are more options. More supply = less cost to attract clients. There are also MANY more spay/neuter options in the United States. I had a friend who was totally shocked I had to pay almost 100$ to neuter my tomcat, and over 100$ to spay my queen. The closest spay/neuter operation for a cat was in Ottawa, they got back to me SIX MONTHS after I had him done in Quebec (Cheapest rate I could find, even factoring in the cost of gas) which was over A YEAR after I had called them. They are booked SOLID at these low-cost places. And the low-cost? Was still 70-90$. I was living in poverty, on social assistance. Thank god I'm not anymore.

Canada does not operate the same way as the States. It is extremely hard to find a low-cost option. It's hard to find a reasonable cost option. And not everyone can save. Either people weren't aware that it would cost so damn much to alter their dog, rates have increased, or they've moved and didn't know there was such a difference from place to place. It would be 145$ to spay Peach in Quebec; 450$ to spay her here in Ontario. There is less than a 2 hour drive between the two places. What's funny is the 145$ clinic is in a place where people have a high standard of living; the town I live in is a town immersed in poverty.

I totally get where you're coming from, Emma-Jean. It's ridiculous what vets think they can charge. I simply cannot believe that the surgery I'm receiving from a cheap vet is any different than the surgery from the expensive vet. Especially since I've seen the outcomes. The expensive vet released the dog two hours after surgery, and she was still wobbly. Pain meds and a cone would have cost extra. The cheap vet (At least in the case of my queen) refused to release her until she was 100% awake, just in case of complications (She is only a 4 pound adult animal!) They fed her, offered me a cone, and gave me an extra dose of pain medication for her, in case she needed it. This is not a case of higher quality = higher charge, it's a case of higher greed = higher charge.

Good luck finding your pupkin a place to be spayed. If you at all have the option, check out the Taschereau clinic in Greenfield Park, Montreal, Quebec. Even if it's hard to get there, it will be worth it! Dr Alan and his team are great people. And remember, there's recent research suggesting that spay/neuter may not be necessary until middle-life, maybe not at all. If you can keep an eye on your girl and diaper her for hygiene issues, you may be fine.

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Barked: Sat Nov 3, '12 7:29am PST 
Hm - actually, in a relatively short thread, at least two other posters (Jewel and Sabi) live in Canada. And one (Rocky) lives in Scotland. And almost every, single, poster on this thread has made a huge point of commenting how costs vary depending on where you are....including different places in the US.

Sabi even offered that she may be able to refer the OP to a good (and affordable) vet close to her. ...Which is fantastic; the best thing you can really do, OP, is get references from people you actually know personally. Ask them where they took their dog to be spayed/neutered; how much did they pay; and were they pleased with the care their dog received. Because certainly it's true, as Peach said, expensive isn't necessarily better; sometimes expensive is just greedy and they're the ones cutting corners because it increases their profit line.


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Barked: Sat Nov 3, '12 7:32am PST 
Sparkles is getting spayed on Monday and I was shocked at the price when I scheduled her appointment. It's going to be roughly $600 ($150 of it is to remove her cherry eyes but still). The last time we had anyone spayed was 4 years ago when Dreamy got done but I don't remember the cost being anywhere near that. Maybe $200-250 and she was at least 10lbs heavier than Sparkles is. It's unbelievable!

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Barked: Sat Nov 3, '12 9:06am PST 
It really is hard to find a low cost option here on the West coast. It cost me $500 to get Squ'mey neutered..then add another $500 for post-op complications...ended up being $1000. I had an awesome vet in Calgary who was very inexpensive..but top-notch. So it was a shock when I got quotes here in Vancouver. Makes me really appreciate the work rescues & shelters do on a shoe string budget that they can do the surgeries prior to adopting out the dog..yet still keeping adoption fees so reasonable.
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Barked: Sat Nov 3, '12 3:38pm PST 
I, too, live in Canada. In the same city as Sabi, actually. And Sabi did offer the OP suggestions close to her, so... Not sure where you're getting the 'American ethnocentrism'?

How is it any different here? I honestly know of SEVERAL low-cost options close to me, IN CANADA, and many spay/neuter clinics for those on low-income. So to say it's different here and HARDER here is bull. It does come down to where you live, yes, but CANADA as a whole, is no different when it comes to Vets. Most who have mentioned those low cost options to the OP even live here in Canada!

And no, it isn't always a case of higher quality = higher charge, that's true. In fact, my own Vet who recently retired was one of the cheapest Vets in town, but he was an AMAZING Vet. MANY people were sad to see him retire. No quality was spared there. The only difference was he was busier because it was just him. And there are certain Vets I won't go to - they charge higher, but they treat my animals like crap and I won't forfeit my the quality of care my pets get just because someone rushes through them. But yes, there ARE low cost options.

And to say not everyone can save up money is ridiculous. If you can't put aside a few dollars each month, then why in the world do you have a dog?

And no, it's not ridiculous what Vets 'think' they can charge. They can and do charge what they charge, because of what THEY have to pay for in order to care for your pets. Such as SCHOOL which is what? Almost eight years and THOUSANDS of dollars in student loans? Not to mention equipment, and various other things, such as medications, etc. You want your pet cared for, but you're complaining about having to pay for it? You do realize everything that they have to do in order to be able to provide your pets with Veterinary care, right? thinking

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Barked: Sat Nov 3, '12 7:32pm PST 
Charlie, I am American and do have many options including 4 vet practices within 15 minutes of my home,this is not by any means an affluent area but I take the time,energy and money in gas it costs to make a 30 mile one way trip simply because my vet charge between one quarte and one third what the local vets do,for a higher quality of care,for example Squ'mey mentioned having to pay when a complication arose,I under the same circumstances was given all care for the complication,which included a second surgery to remove and replace all of Mika's sutures as well as the additional care that was necessary free because the vet tech I spoke to ignored my concerns. The vet did not,he also did not feel I should have to pay for an unforseen complication of her being allergic to a commonly used suture material,that typically is not an issue,we do not have low cost spay/neuter clinics in our area,the shelter give a voucher to adopters and my regular vet is one of the omly ones that accepts them,none of the local vets do. The poor vet we use is in his office a minimum of 12 hours per day 6 days a week and gives excellent care,one of the reasons he is so reasonable in cost is the sheer volume of cases he does in a day. He also takes time out of the little time he spends at home,to call and check on his patients who need extra attention due to the nature of therir illness,before Mika & Kai we has a GSD Akita mix who was really an Akita disguised as a GSD to most,she suffered severe allergies which led to CHF,we were given many meds to try free,he remained in regular contact with us and when she let us know it was time for her to go,he cried with us,as we waited for her last breaths. He now has several younger vets who trained by him have joined the practice,they do their very best to keep my dogs calm and carefree,and have even sat on the floor beside them to examine them carefully without letting them realize that they were being any thing more than petted and played with,they have even gotten kisses from my pups,so we have been very blessed. To the OP wether you pat a bit more or travel to another place to find more affordable vet care,finding a good one that treats your dog as they would their own is well worth the effort,also if you find one that you are happy with,can afford,and stick with them,even if a little out of your way,but they treat your puppy well and you develop a relationship over time,you will find that they are often willing to help you out with payment plans or other things that can cut costs.wishes on finding the right vet for you and your dog. We found ours purely by accident over 16 years ago and know with the partners he has taken on,we will be in good caring hands for years to come. Higher cost does not equal better care in all cases and we live on a reasonable but fixed income and have house payment,utility payments,car payments and other bills to pay for medical care for ourselves,my husband is also a heart patient and borderline diabetic so we have to be careful what he eats and our food bill has risen accordingly,yet we manage to put away even $5-$10 every two weeks by cutting back on other little things and shopping around for the best prices on the things we need,it can be done. My female Akita was not spayed until nearly 3 years old but we had no problem keeping her from breeding,we simply kept her with us on a leash for trips outside and from the start of her heat and for the next 6 weeks she went out only with us,on a leash and only long enough to do what was necessary through 4 heats so although a little extra effort was required on our part,we did not have any accidental breedings,so if you need more time to try to save with a little added effort it can be done,living on a fixed income,we too could not afford large medical bills for our dogs without saving,so I do understand,and it can be easier said than done but doing it simply takes a bit more effort. Good Luck in finding what works for you.

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Barked: Sun Nov 4, '12 12:20pm PST 
I'm not really with you on this topic. I recently lost a "friend" because of my sentiments on dog ownership.
At least in CA, you have clinics. I'm just across the border in Upstate NY and we don't have that advantage any longer.
Just like everything else in this world, the cost of having a pet has increased ten fold.
You should have looked into all the costs of having a pet before you purchased/acquired your pet.

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Barked: Sun Nov 4, '12 3:52pm PST 
Roy there are spay/neuter clinics in our area, not sure what you're talking about... here's one: Operation Pets.

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Barked: Mon Nov 5, '12 7:25pm PST 
Charlie, Sabs old vet retired a few years back as well. Had anyone else done her spay surgery it would have cost me easily 1500. Shadows vet is requiring me to take the day off work to do the handling for them and still charging me 800 or so. I wish good vets would stop retiring.
Squ'mey, he retired to somewhere in BC were he runs a small part time practice. I will try to remember where and see if he is anywhere near you. He's awesome.
OP you have been given some options if you choose to take them let us know. Either way I hope things work out for you.
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