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My 3 month Akita HELP!

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Barked: Fri Sep 28, '12 8:17pm PST 
My Akita was born on 6/26/2012, I just got him for about 2days. It doesn't seem to eat much. It wont respond to anything I say. He also doesn't like any treats i have for him. I ready don't know what to do and what to expect. whenever I try to walk with him on of off a leash , if he is in-front of me he walks around and if i walk a little faster in-front of him,he stops and sits on the floor. He does "play with me whenever he "feels like it" and when he don't, he just lays there.

He also drinks a lot of water and pee pee a lot but doesn't seem to eat much. i mix the pet food from his breeder and the one that i got him (wellness for puppies).

i kind of had a feeling his breeder didn't treat him very good and he have his own mind and do his own thing.

i really like this tiger strip Akita. i would do anything to make him like me. i pull two all-nighter just to be with him and not let him "cry", i don't know how many all-nighter i can keep on pulling before i my body can't take it. i do have a full time day job.

please give me some advice on how to train or be friend with him. am i too harsh on him?

i really need you all to help me. any info would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Barked: Fri Sep 28, '12 9:33pm PST 
You have an independant, strong willed puppy. Relax and give him some space. Let him settle in and figure out were he is.
I am really hoping you did your research and that you got this pup from a good breeder. If you have concerns you should be talking to his breeder. If you didn't research the breed, please get studying, for his sake and yours.
Hopefully others will chime in and I wouldn't advise staying up with him all night unless you want to do so for the next 14 years or so.

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Barked: Fri Sep 28, '12 9:47pm PST 
The lack of eating could just be caused by stress from the move to a new home, but it's always a good idea to have a new puppy, especially one from a questionable source, vet checked ASAP to rule out any health issues.

For treats, make sure you're giving something tasty and interesting. If you're trying to use treats for obedience training, always train before feeding regular meals, he's more likely to be interested in them if he's hungry.

Are you crate training? Crating will keep him contained when you're not watching him, which will protect him and your belongs, and will really speed up housetraining. If he cries when you put him in the crate, let him cry. Don't open the crate when he's crying, or you'll teach him that crying gets him let out, and the crying will get worse. Instead, wait until he calms down and stops crying, then let him out of the crate, so he learns being quiet gets him out. Work on this throughout the day, gradually increasing the time he's left in the crate. Crate at night and only let him out to potty as needed.

Like Sabi said, this is a strong willed breed and not for the faint of heart. Obedience training should start now while he's still easily controlled. I've seen Akitas that hit adolescence and suddenly they're 100 lbs of "I do what I want" and the owner is completely overrun. Get into an obedience class now and definitely do all the research you can on the breed.

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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 5:53am PST 
Since you got him a couple days ago you really need to take in on what he's going through. He was just pulled away from his mother and siblings and has arrived in a strange new place. Give him time and space to settle in and get used to his new environment. Like the two other posters have said. Akitas are strong willed, strong personality and a very independent breed. They are no Labrador who is going to follow you with every step you take. They tend to have their mind made up of what they want to do and if they don't have a owner who is going to make the message very clear that the owner is the alpha of the household then they will walk all over you. I HOPE that you have done a full extent of research on this breed. And they are definitely not a breed a person should choose for a first time dog owner. A good person to talk to about akitas is a dogster on here by the name of Mika&Kai. She owns two akitas and has done very well with her two. Out of everyone she would be able to help you with any concerns and training tips and questions on akitas.

If he's not eating it could be from stress or from some underlying health problem. Get him vet checked ASAP.

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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 9:03am PST 
I have 17 years experience with Akitas. First of all the "tiger stripe" is called Brindle. Secondly,did you even bother to do one bit of research before taking on an Akita? They are independent,willful,stubborn,and require a TON of patience. As others have said they are not the type to follow you around waiting on your every whim. All of mine even as younger puppies that came to our home at 8-9 weeks ignored us except when it was feeding time for at least 4 days. They prefer to get to know you and settle in in their own time. Stop trying to cling to this puppy for it's attention,it will simply tune you out.
Allow the puppy to come to you on it's terms. At this point you should be taking the pup outside at least every 2 hours on a leash to potty,hand feeding at least some of it's food,and allowing it to explore it's world on it's terms. You can also for safety so the pup does not get into anything and is not unsupervised tether it to yu using a 6 ft. leash with the handle through your belt loop and the rest of the leash slipped through the handle before being attached to the collar. No Puppy is instantly leash trained,Akitas included,that takes time,effort and energy on your part. I hope that you have planned for the 8 hours per day that must be dedicated to an Akita puppy for at least the first year of it's life. This means taking it out day and night until potty trained,working multiple times a day for 5-10 minutes on teaching the most basic commands,socializing around people and other animals,exercise, training,and walks.If you are not prepared for this,or what you want is a puppy that will adore you and want to cuddle all the time,take this pup back,you have picked the wrong breed. My female Akita is a walk by cuddler and just wants someone in the same room she is 5,My male just turned 3,cuddles on his terms,he will come to us for attention WHEN HE WANTS IT. Otherwise,he will simply walk away or move to avoid you. He is very sweet wonderful and affectionate when in the mood,otherwise he wants left alone. Had you done your research you would have discovered this BY READING THE PROFILE. I have no clue who sold you this puppy but they were certainly not the least bit reputable as a breeder or you wouldn't have it. The breeder we got our male from took more than 4 months of visits,phone calls,questionaires,and a visit to our home to meet our resident Akita along with both personal and vet references before approving us for a puppy.

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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 9:53am PST 
If you are truly serious about keeping this pup and willing to dedicate the time,energy,and patience to raising it properly,I will be more than happy to help in any way I can. There are many helpful posts on what to expect from an Akita puppy on the Akita forum,start your research there. There are other Akita people here who could also be helpful but we all are pretty much the same,we look out for the welfare of the breed and how best to keep them out of shelters and rescues and in the right hands,so if we seem a little short it is simply because the statistics on sucessfully owning and raising an Akita are so dismal.
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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 5:56pm PST 
You really should listen to everyone here. We are not trying to insult you, we are trying to help. Akitas are NOT for first time dog owners. So, please listen to everyone here. You can feed your pup in a crate, with the door open. You can throw some toys in it so he can go get them, with the door open. That way, he won't relate to the crate as a bad thing, being locked in it when not supervised. You should also enroll him in puppy classes as soon as he is settled in your home. That will help him socialize with other dogs and people. I hope you really have the time and patience required to have a dog like an Akita. Good Luck and please keep us posted.

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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 11:11pm PST 
first of all thanks for the reply.
i reason of this post is not because im an irresponsible dog owner and don't want to do my homework before i pick a breed i did had two dogs in the past,i reason i pick this breed is because it's personality and how it is so royal.
i post this is really because i really didn't know to to expect or what does "it's an independent dog“ means i just simply didn't know what kind of strong will i will be facing. i just didn't have the proper idea of what to expect.
i didn't think ppl will accuse me for been so irresponsible i was just asking for some experience from some Akita owner. i didn't expect to be blamed on what i did.

He is much better now after almost 4 days here. i left him all alone last night but i just cant stand the way he cries, it was a hard night for me. right now im trying to potty train him on the news paper. i still cant get a right timing on when him want to go, because he just doesn't seem to eat "on time".

now he know who am i and like you said willing to come to me WHENEVER HE WANTS which was totally unexpected. i thought he would come to me ALL THE TIME.. but oh well if that's how akita is, as long as he know im the "alpha" then im fine with that.

im running into new problems everyday and at the same time i fix old ones too. i post here is not because i don't know how to raise a dog, is simply because i know my AKITA (Turbo) is different. and that's why im here.

thanks again for the replies.

Regarding the breeder and the source of this dog i really didn't think is a problem i rather to bring this puppy home then leaving him with breeder who only wants to make $$$. my mind set as simple, i see this puppy, i like him, i can tell breeder is not been humane. so i want to take him out of there and have him a better life.
so when i said how i didn't like this breeder is doesn't mean i don't like the puppy nor the breed. how did i made myself look like an irresponsible dog owner.

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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 11:19pm PST 
BTW new problems

1, im planning to shower him for the first time in this new house, any tips?

2, i think he is at a stage of wanting to bit things and ME! i understand is playful bits. but im concern few month down the road i might not be able to take a palyful bit from an akita? because right now. i can feel the sharp baby teeth he already has. in fact he doesn't like the chewing bone/toys i bought him. any advice?

3, potty training me hardest part of all experience. any effective ways we can share?

4, one of the most important things i do worry about is since he doesn't "come" to me if i were to take him outside/vet/walking/grooming, treats are not going to make him come to me, so i just have to carry him then?

thanks again for the advice. ill will keep posting.
btw his name is TURBO!big laugh

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Barked: Sun Sep 30, '12 12:52am PST 
I don't think anyone was under the impression that you didn't like the dog or the breed. By buying him, you did support the breeder, but that's done and gone so there isn't much point going into that. Like Kali said, no one is trying to insult you. No one called you irresponsible and no one blamed you for asking questions. Everyone is just trying to help. It does sound like you didn't really know what you were getting into when you brought an Akita home, so it would be advantageous to continue researching the breed.

As for your questions:

1. Do you have any reason you need to bathe him right away? At this point, while he's still warming up to you, I wouldn't try to bathe him. If you really want to wash him, start very slow or chances are he'll have a bad experience. I wouldn't go for a full on shampooing the first time. Just introduce him to the water with lots of praise, treats, ect. and gradually move forward from there.

2. Biting is a normal puppy behavior that just requires a little training. When he chews on you, end all playtime. Stand up, turn your back, and ignore him. When he calms down, resume playing. Repeat as necessary. Eventually he'll learn that biting ends his good time. Don't expect it to happen right away, like most of the things you'll need to teach him, it takes time. Redirection onto a toy is another method. If he's not interested in the toys you've bought, make them more interesting by interacting with him with the toy. Make it prey-like, move it away from him along the ground and get him to chase it.

3. I would ditch the newspaper and train him to go potty outside from the start. Potty training is all about being proactive. Take him out every 30 minutes, and immediately after eating, playing, or sleeping. When he goes, big party with praise, treats, ect. Keeping him tethered to you with a leash will prevent accidents because he'll be in your sight at all times. If he starts to go, calmly interrupt him and take him outside. When you're not directly supervising him, put him in the crate. Most dogs won't potty in a correctly sized crate because they don't want to soil their den.

4. He should be leashed for those activities.
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