Big Bangs and the 4th or the July! Yikes!

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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My name is- Gaelic for- "Gentle"
Barked: Mon Jul 2, '12 2:25pm PST 
This of course will be my pups first 4th of July. We lived in the country but have quite a few folks set of fireworks around here so I am a bit concerned about how she will react. Last night when walking her in our backyard someone let off a firecracker quite a distance away and she barked quite a bit (she has only started this barking thing lately when something seems to annoy her and I try and stop her). Anyway, how should I deal with it. What if she seems afraid. I will just be keeping her inside but do I just ignore her if she seems afraid or barks or get after her if she barks (I don't want her to become a "barker".) Just wanting to prepare myself! Thanks for any advice!dog walk OOPS - Topic was suppose to read "4th of July" and I can't seem to edit it! lol

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Take That!
Barked: Mon Jul 2, '12 2:35pm PST 
This will be Ninja's first 4th as well. people are already setting off fireworks around my area and so far he hasnt reacted to them yet, but im sure when the full scale fireworks go off on the 4th, it may be a different story. So far im just going to stay home, hand out bones, and turn the TV up!

I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Mon Jul 2, '12 6:27pm PST 
This is what a few friends of mine are doing for their dogs on that day. They'll be home with them and will have all the windows closed, the t.v. on, fans blowing at full blast and music going in another room.
Creating enough noise hoping to drown out the big booms.

This is Moose's first too and in the neighborhood next to me, they've already started settin' off M-80's and thus far Moose hasn't reacted. Firecrackers at a distance seem to be ok too. What has me worried are the whistling type fireworks.
Although they're illegal in our city, people will set them off in the street and that's when I'm hoping Moose just rides it out.
I'll also be doing all the above to drown out the sounds.

One friend has a dog who just goes nuts. She's a Dane and once she's wigged out, it's just too much. So I suggested to him that he pile the dogs in the car and he and his wife just drive around starting when it starts getting dark. That way the dogs won't hear a thing except the radio and road noise.

My heart breaks for the poor, poor dogs who live next door or near by from the dope who's setting off the M-80's. I'm sure those neighborhoods have lots and lots of lost dogs that night.


Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Tue Jul 3, '12 5:39am PST 
My best advice that I can give you all is don't over react or get anxious about it yourselves. If they sense that you are concerned,they will act accordingly. If you behave like the fireworks are just normal noises,they will most likely remain calm. I live 2 blocks from a regional trauma center so police cars,ambulances,and even helicopters directly overhead are normal noises,but not to new puppies,who have been raised in the country. I can't guarantee that this method will work on all dogs but both of my current dogs and even my Mattie who moved here at the age of nearly 9 learned quickly not to be alarmed by those noises because we weren't. wishes to all of you.

I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Tue Jul 3, '12 8:15am PST 
If your dog's a chewer, get a brand new favorite chew. If he/she likes to lick, freeze something super yummy in a Kong and have it ready.

Good ideas on masking the noise. I also get a ramped up game going when I hear the ^7*! neighbors start shooting them off. Sometimes we're having so much fun running around the house doing stuff, Lucille barely notices. It's true that it can help if you can act like nothing out of the ordinary is going on...

It's only when those same @#$%! neighbors set 'em off at 11:30 when we've already gone to bed for the night and the house is quieter that we've got fear issues. Ugh I was ready to smack somebody last night...I got up and sat with Lu, turned all the loud stuff back on and she settled down after a bit. I'm pretty tired and sick of neighbors today, though.naughty

I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Tue Jul 3, '12 7:55pm PST 
Well, good thing I delayed taking Moose out on our nightly walk.
I'm sitting here at my computer with the window wide open in front of me and Moose is standing right at the open window looking out when all of a sudden BOOM!!!!! A M-80 goes off on my street.

Somebody please explain to me the fun in setting off an explosive that doesn't make pretty colors up in the air, but will take your hand off in a millisecond. I just don't get it.

Good thing about it was that the giant boom didn't phase Moose one bit. Maybe it would have if we were outside when it went off. God forbid had we been a few houses away from it when it went off.
Geez. I didn't think my neighborhood stooped to that level of dumb, unneccesary explosives.

Good Boy
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 4:24pm PST 
Ace seems unfazed, but Kale hates fireworks.

People in our neighborhood set them off RIGHT after dark on New Years Eve, when he'd only been here a couple of weeks. Both dogs were in the backyard while we went out for a quick early dinner. Kale managed to get out the gate. We were very lucky that his handsome self had been noticed by some neighbors who'd seen us walking in the area, because they were waiting in our yard when we got home.

(Ace was a good girl and stayed in the backyard. I think she was guarding our house smile )

With the early fireworks yesterday, Kale was velcro last night. Poor big baby. But I like hanging out with the dogs, so it's fine.

My name is- Gaelic for- "Gentle"
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 6:23pm PST 
Well I think that maybe Keeva will be fine. Today we sat on the lawn swing (one of her favorite things to do) and the neighbor kid was lighting off all sorts of fireworks and they didn't faze her one bit so I will do as Mika and Kai suggests and make no big deal of it. I had just heard such horror stories and was hoping to avoid any trauma. Looks like I was just worried about nothing, thank goodness. I feel bad for those who go through such fear.....it would be heartbreaking when there is little you can do. Thank you.

The Largest- Lilliputian
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 7:26pm PST 
This was Lily's first Fourth of July and I am a very quiet owner - needless to say the loud noises are NOT a common occurrence whatsoever.
Fireworks started at about 8 PM tonight and at first, she sat near my feet and whimpered. As the booms got progressively louder she started barking, so I took her outside and told her she was a good girl, that she was okay, etc.
I took her back inside when she calmed down a bit outside and she's been fine since. dancing

Do you even- lift?
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 11:48pm PST 
This was Onyx's first 4th with me (he was about four weeks old last year). He's heard fireworks before from a distance at New Year's but this was the first time he was up close to them, and he did really well. People were setting them off all day at the lake, and it got progressively more frequent as it got dark so we kind of worked up to them. He got a little nervous when multiple fireworks started going off at once, but after some pacing he laid down next to me and waited it out. We made a little tent with blankets between two chairs and he chilled in there for most of the show.
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