Advice on Socializing a Puppy?

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Barked: Sun Jul 1, '12 12:29am PST 
I have adopted a 10 week old bichon/dachshund mix named Marli. The people I got her from never took her outside of her backyard and she hasn't been around strangers or new situations before. I know that this is a vital time to socialize her but she is really afraid of new people. She will cry, whine, and wiggle till the new person lets her go and she runs away if they try and pet her. She is fine with the family holding her she loves it but not strangers. I don't want to push her past her comfort level, because she might get too afraid and never want to be near strangers. How do I go about this in a way that would make her more comfortable?
Also I was told she needs all 3 sets of shots before going near new dogs. I would really like her to get socialized asap what should I do?

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Parvo is bad this year so definitely get her shots ASAP. You can work on socializing her even before the shots are all finished, though. When a stranger comes over don't allow them to pick her up or pet her if it makes her uncomfortable. Let her smell them first (i.e. have them put their hand out and allow her to come to them) It will take time, but it can be done. When Angel came to my house, she was 2 months old and hadn't been socialized at all either...she didn't even know what grass was! We are still working on her socialization, and will be doing the same with the new puppy. It's nothing to be worried about...just take it slow.

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Parvo is bad during spring and summer months. It is best to socialize your pup with ppl you know that have puppies that are of the same age and have had the same vaccinations or socialize her with other older dogs that are vaccinated and do not mind puppies. Avoid dog parks until you have the puppies full vaccinations done. The last vaccination is done when the puppies are between 14 - 16 weeks of age. The last vaccination will consist of distemper/parvo combo, bordetella, and rabies. When she is meeting strangers have them sit on the floor and hold their hand out. When strangers are on the puppys' level the strangers will seem less intimidating. Let the puppy go up to them to smell and check the strangers out. Do not let strangers hold her or pick her up if she is squirmy. She's obviously not comfortable with being held with ppl she doesn't know. So to prevent injury and stress leave her on the ground. Gentle pets and sweet talking also helps puppies get over their fear of new ppl. I wouldn't introduce her to young children just yet as young children can be rough with dogs