Cute puppie movie - "The puppies great escape" All for rehoming.

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I made this movie on the adventures of 6 x 4 week old puppies I rescued from being put down. They are now nearly ready for new homes. Even if you can't adopt please watch the video and share with everyone you know in the hope it will be seen by someone who can help. Thanks.


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Cute video of the pups, I especially liked the part where the one pup jumps into the water! big grin They're all very curious and adventureous. cloud 9

I hope all the pups and mom are able to find good homes. hug

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Aww, too cute! Shared, hope you are able to find good homes for all of them! Good job rescuing them!! snoopy


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These pups all seem to have fabulous, bold, adventurous, and fearless temperaments- they will no doubt grow into fantastic dogs. I hope they all find great homes!