Puppy Names!!

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Barked: Tue May 1, '12 6:07pm PST 
So I'll finally be bringing home my puppy in about 3 weeks. I am so excited but having issues coming up with a name. I'll either be getting a cream or black male saluki puppy. They are so gorgeous already. =3

For the longest time I thought his name was going to be Jynx. I had it all picked out for the longest time, but recently it just doesn't seem to fit.

Then Loki popped into my head. Its seems like such the perfect name now. But with the new Avengers movie and me being so in love with the character at the moment it just seems weird. =/ and really don't want to use it for that reason.

I thought about Haku, but I'm not sure I like that one.

Any ideas? Its such a dilemma. Dx

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Wed May 2, '12 7:42am PST 

Out of the three names you mentioned i prefer Haku. I actually really like it. You could give him a Middle Eastern name suited to the heritage of the breed. For example the name Adham apparently means black which would be fitting for the black male wink

Here's a link to other Middle Eastern names click here.

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i like the name Loki a lot! Anubis would be perfect for a black saluki pup


Barked: Thu May 3, '12 2:42pm PST 
@ Tyler - Some of the middle eastern names I find hard to pronounce. XD

Luna! Don't tell me that. I already love the name Loki, and if someone else does too...Nooooo. I don't want to use it. XD Anubis is nice, but it's three syllables. I prefer two. :/

Here's some pics of the pups to help! smile

Cream Boys

Black Pup

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H, my angel- in heaven.

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I say use Loki if you really like it! Names are personal to me. I've had a name picked out for my new pup for over a year now, and I don't even have the dog yet.

Don't let things like current popular movies keep you from a name you like. In a few years you'll still love your dog, and the movie will be old news. smile
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Barked: Thu May 3, '12 4:02pm PST 
I really love the name Jynx. It is such a unique and elegant name, for a dog of just that. I was looking into the Sloughi, quite similar to the Saluki in which you have on the way! I liked the name Trouper and Jasper...but they arn't as unique as Jynx.I also think Ricotto is a cute name, but I am unsure if it fits a slender hound...suppose that's personal opinion.

The cheese ninja
Barked: Thu May 3, '12 4:05pm PST 
If you interact with lots of people (live in the city, go to the dog park) I vote for easy(ish) to pronounce. You are going to get tired of saying "Haku. .. H-A-K-U" and having your dog's name spelled wrong everywhere.

Kodiac/Kojak/Kodiak's mom

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Whippy- The- Whipador
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Some of them really are hard Jaguar. You'd have to go with an easy one for sure.

Pups are adorable BTW big grin Especially love those cream boys!

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Barked: Thu May 3, '12 5:17pm PST 
Tyler I really like your suggestion. I do understand the concern over proper spelling/pronunciation brought up by both the OP and Kodiak. We decided to go with the tradition of using Japanese/Asian names for our Akitas and made the mistake of using a French name for our human daughter because our last name is French. In every case,no matter how simple the name,we always get misspellings and no one can seem to pronounce them either. My daughters name is Cherie,(pronounced Shi ree) My female Akita is Mika(pronounced Me ka,with a long E.)and my male Akita is Kai (pronounced K I with a long I) we have gotten for my daughter,sherry,and Cherry.For Mika we get Mica or Mike,and for Kai we get Kia or they won't even try to pronounce it. Our last name contains a silent "G" that everyone seems determined to try to get in there even when told repeatedly how to pronounce it. OP I hope you are able to come up with what you feel is the perfect and most fitting name for your new puppy. wishes on your new family member,we know how excited you must be,we were.hug
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Barked: Mon Jun 4, '12 10:33pm PST 
Since the breed originated in Egypt, how about Cairo? I like the idea of naming a puppy based on where its breed originated. Plus, it's an easy name to pronounce, unlike a lot of those other Middle Eastern names.