Puppy's eye color changing?

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I just posted yesterday but I have another question. My 9 week old puppy Luka has the most gorgeous pale blue eyes. Will they change color? I know puppy's eyes can change color within the first few months... how long should I keep a watch on it for them to change?

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Luka, Harlow was born with green eyes, they were gorgeous but they turned an amber color when she was about 4-5 months old.

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It is too hard to tell at this point.
Freckles is an Aussie Cattle Dog and had ten pups, all of them looked to be either ACD or Aussie Shep and all had blue eyes.
I did get pictures of them as they grew and have a pic of most of them when full grown, several did keep blue eyes and a few actually have amber eyes like momma.

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My Aussie from years ago had a brown eye with a blue mark in it and a blue eye. As she got older the blue mark in the brown eye became larger.

My Lab Savvy had very dark eyes when she was a pup - almost black. Now they are amber colored.

And dammit! My own eyes were once blue and now they are just no color.

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No way, your dog's name is Savvy? My brother adopted an Aussie // Husky mix last summer named Savvie (we changed the ending because "vie" in French is life, and we liked it). I haven't heard of that dog name since though smile

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I also have an Aussie who was born with gorgeous green eyes that have changed to a beautiful amber color now.