Danger in puppy chewing up potty pads?

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My 12-week-old Westie enjoys tearing up her potty pads (white absorbant on one side, blue plastic barrier on the other side). I'll stop her and she'll look up a me with pieces of blue and white on her face. I've never heard of any problems with dogs ingesting potty pad pieces, but could there be any ill effects? Like choking or an intestinal blockage? Today will be her first full day of being alone and I can only imagine what I'll find when I get home.
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Such a cute pup! Ask your vet but I am pretty sure there would be a possibility of blockage.

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When we used potty pads, the instructions on the bag said it would not be harmful if digested. But that assumes the dog eats pretty small pieces. We didn't leave Biscuits alone for very long but he still tore up the pads. We saw plenty come out on the other end. laugh out loud

From my experience alone, I will say that once the dog learns how much fun it is to chew up the pad, he can't really be trusted alone with them again. confused If the dog tears up the pad every time, it's not really going to be a useful training device.

You could get a contraption to hold the potty pad in place (Google 'potty pad holder'), or use something like a Wizdog so the dog can't get to the pad.


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What works for Bingley, because he loves nothing more than to chew up piddle pads, are the $5 holders they sell at PetSmart. They are very simple, thin metal poles, with little plastic things in the corners that you poke the corners of the piddle pad into (kinda like what holds swiffer pads onto the swiffer) You have to put them together, so the package is long and thin, so it might be harder to find than the bigger, more expensive piddle pad holders. If he still goes after it, I spray it with bitter apple. He'll still go to the bathroom on it, but won't chew it.

::Edit to add the URL to the piddle pad holder I use. It says it $8, so I must have gotten it on sale because I paid $5

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Thanks for the pad holder link. At that price, I will definately give it a try.

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Keep in mind when using puppy pads that you will have to retrain your pup again when he is adult. He will still want to go inside at the spot they *used* to be. It can take a very long time to retrain them. I know from personal experience. If you're planning on letting him go on puppy pads indefinately, know that he will go in other spots in the home as well. As for ingesting, anything ingested in large enough supply can kill your pup/dog. And like another poster said, he thinks it's a toy now, hence ripping them to bits.

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