What is the strangest breed you've been mistaken for?

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

I eat, therefore- I am.....
Barked: Sun Feb 3, '13 5:07pm PST 
A CAT!! Can you believe that? I was waiting in my car in the parking lot on moms lap, looking out the window and a lady walked up and asked what breed of CAT I am??!!!thinkingbig laughthinking OK, I'm hairless and I get that I look unusual, but I'm a freaking Chihuahua!! A D.O.G. Dog! Fully qualified! Mom couldn't stop laughing!! Goodness!!! Some people!puppy
Alva BH

I ordered the- best dog for me- & got her
Barked: Fri Feb 8, '13 2:43am PST 
Alva isn't so often mistaken for a breed.

I was asked if Alva was a sheltie when my puppy was almost over the size of a sheltie. And once someone said: "A fox!" Though I think it was a joke.

Then: "Is that a boy?" (Alva is a female name around here.) No, it is a girl, I just happen to like bright blue (her leash's color).

But what makes me wonder is that people are asking if she is some kind of mid-sized collie after I've said that yes, she is a collie and not a sheltie. It makes me feel that there should be a giant collie then, that, off course doesn't exist. And they also keep telling me how collies used to be bigger, at least in their childhood. I can think of two reasons for that. 1st they were smaller and/or time twists our memories. 2nd maybe they were watching Lassie. Lassie has always been played by male dogs and the American breed standard and thus blood lines are bigger than the European ones and I've also heard that dogs playing Lassie were bred to be big. What is weird, is that Alva is NOT small for a collie. She is a little over FCI standard in height (but at the minimum by AKC standard) and I've seen bitches smaller than her. I also doubt that the European lines would have been that much bigger in earlier decades.

We used to have two Belgian Tervuerens and I used to walk the younger one, called Netta.

Some people often asked if she was a collie mix.

Some other people asked if she was a GSD (mixed). I particularly remember one man, pointing at her and saying: "That one has Schäfer in it, doesn't it..."

But never, I mean never, anyone asked if she was a mix of these two breeds although that would have been my first guess, added with some nordic spitz breeds, if I didn't know the breeds. Funny...

And twice I was asked if she had wolf in her. One was drunk and the others were probably joking. And one woman saw her appear into the light of a street lamp from the dark when she was off-leash and thought she saw a wolf. She was pretty relieved to find out that the "wolf" had an owner.

Snow- Queen
Barked: Tue Feb 12, '13 5:57pm PST 
Penny, Artemis and Skyline get that ALL the time too big laugh Apparently I have a rare breed of barking cats big laugh


Barked: Wed Feb 13, '13 5:28am PST 
A chihuahua! OMD

And one guy said I had some greyhound in me (I am slim and have long legs for a TFT)but I only weigh 6 pounds!
Keyser- Soze's- Hammer of- Thor

If it moves, it- plays!
Barked: Thu Jun 20, '13 12:13am PST 
This thread is hilarious! I'm especially laughing about the rare breed of barking cats!

I'm often asked if my Akita is a Karelian Bear dog, a husky, a malamute or a wolf. I guess I can sort of understand, since Akitas aren't too common around here, but then again, neither are wolves or karelian bear dogs!

My fav instance of mistaken identity was that he is "clearly" a cross between a GSD and a Cane Corso. Clearly. laugh out loud

Momma is the- center of the- universe...
Barked: Sun Jun 23, '13 3:37pm PST 
A woman who was judging the Misc class for AKC thought i was a mis-marked Entlebucher. To be fair, Momma just saw a pure breed Entlebucher and I am the spitting image, except that I lack the required white blaze up the nose.

Little Fox
Barked: Fri Jul 5, '13 10:46pm PST 
Recently, a customer at work told me she was certain Tika must be part English Shepherd.

Yeah, I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree on that...

Life is better- with Sheltie- love.
Barked: Sat Jul 6, '13 6:40am PST 
People always say Firefly looks like a fox! She's a petite Sheltie, 13 1/2 inches high and she only weighs 16-18 lbs, so I guess I can see how foxy she is! laugh out loud

But a lot of times, people ask me if she's a collie puppy or "one of those mini collies". naughty

No! She's seven years old and is far from puppyhood! And there is no such thing as a mini collie. We Sheltie people do not like how everyone's first assumption of our Shelties is that they are collie pups. shrug BOL.

And when I tell people she's a Sheltie they are like:

"What's that?"

Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Sun Jul 7, '13 9:23pm PST 
Firefly, the best answer to "What's that?", is "what SHE is!!"

I was asked if Toto was a cross between a toy poodle and a standard poodle just today. Trying to explain that ALL poodles were the exact same breed except for their size was totally lost on this woman...she listened, then asked again if he was a cross bred poodle!!!

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Do you even- lift?
Barked: Sun Jul 7, '13 9:50pm PST 
Onyx was recently mistaken for a Husky for the first time. But when he got closer, it changed to the usual, "Wolf!"

And he gets mistaken for a puppy because he has large paws. When he actually was a puppy and people would go on about how huge he was going to be based on his paws, I'd say I expected him to be 70-80 lbs judging by the size of his parents. They'd insist he was going to grow up to be over 100 lbs. Now at 2 years old, he weighs 75 lbs and just has big paws.

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