Puppy biting

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Cutie- PaTootie
Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 11:22am PST 
Hi, my name is Shylo and I bite! I have been puppy biting since mom brought me home at 8 weeks. I only do this when I play, which is every waking hour!!! Mom has tried everything from putting me down and ignoring me, to bopping me gently on the nose and saying ‘ NO BITE’. There for awhile, I stopped but always made a cry of frustration!!! BOL
I am now back to biting mom and dad and anyone who holds me. Mom thinks it is a play thing and not aggression. I have many chew toys that mom rotates. Mom is not getting angry or upset, but she wishes I would not do this.
I am 6 months old now…how long does this last and will it get better when I am fixed?

Thanks for any suggestions
Shylo and mom!!!

I was born to- test my families- patience
Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 12:02pm PST 
My puppy is now 18 weeks and he still nips hard when playing. I don't call it nipping its really biting hard. We just walk away or yell NO firmly and redirect him. It takes such patience doesn't it? I think it is just puppy play. I will say that having him playing with other dogs has helped it a bit. He is learning about how much pressure we and the other dogs will tolerate before the fun ends. Hang on a bit longer it should get better for us both!

Cutie- PaTootie
Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 5:30pm PST 
Thanks Dublin,
Three cats live here and my good friend is a puppy. I bite them all and they bite back but it doesn't stop me! We don't seem to hurt each other, but I do hurt fingers! I think I will outgrow this. I know i am not supposed to bite b/c I whine when mom says NO BITE.
It's going to be a 'fun' next few months until we out grow this, huh?

shrug dog

Stella- "Blue"

Puttin' my freak- on!
Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 5:44pm PST 
May sound silly, but did you try yelping like another puppy? My dog got me hard once by accident (we were playing a tug game and she bit through my finger nail, I almost passed out, it hurt so bad) But I let out a YELPING noise and she has gotten a LOT gentler with play, I think she genuinly felt bad!... I have heard others suggest it as well in threads with similar questions...

Rocket Girl
Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 6:41pm PST 
Hi Shylo--

I'm 8 months old and I still bite too. I don't do it as often as when I was really small, but now my big girl teeth can do more damage! Like you, I only do it when I'm playing. I'm very active and love to play. Mommy bruises easily and she always has at least a few bruise marks on her arms and legs from my bites! She was just healing up but I gave her another bite today while we were playing with my toys at lunch. Daddy hates it and he's afraid people will think HE did those bad things to Mommy but he wouldn't do that, only me! red face I'm a very lovable girl and don't mean to hurt anyone but Mommy says she is getting tired of the bites.

There are a few things that seem to help. One is the "no" spray bottle that Mommy has sitting by her at the computer right now. She sprays me a few times in the face with water when I get hyper and then I usually stop. The other thing is when Mommy gives me a new, exciting chew bone and sometimes that keeps me occupied.

Good luck. Maybe soon we will both grow out of the bites!


Cutie- PaTootie
Barked: Sun Jun 17, '07 6:25am PST 
Blue and Roxy, thanks!

Some great advice here. Mom has not tried the spray bottle and did try the yipping when I was smaller, she will try that again!

I know when she really yells at me, I stop cold, but I know she hates to do that... shock

Am I a Rottan- Shepherd Dog?- :-D
Barked: Tue Jun 19, '07 6:50am PST 
I was a puppy-biter, too. Mom read somewhere that it was important to teach me the difference between biting that hurts and biting that doesn't (I guess that's how they train retrievers to have a "soft mouth"). She would let me mouth her fingers unless it hurt. If I hurt her, though, she would say NO BITE, stop playing, and ignore me. My older sister Lily also helped teach me when my play went too far. Now that I am a big boy, I am gentle with my teeth, and will sometimes nibble mom's fingers but never hurt her.

Jayne - Always a Clown!
Barked: Tue Jun 19, '07 6:08pm PST 
There is a book called The Loved Dog by Tamar Gellar. You can get it off of amazon pretty cheap, It's not just a training book it is really a story and it has alot of great tips in it on everything you could ask about puppies and training and behavior in general! She has a play way of training and doesn't use any kind of pain tactics like some trainers do. You should get a copy its really a great tool to have with any dog!

Cutie- PaTootie
Barked: Tue Jun 19, '07 6:33pm PST 
Westley and Jayne, Thanks!

Mom really thinks i am learning now...she has been really consistent with saying NO BITE when I bite too hard. I haven't bitten her all day today!

She will order that book, too. The Loved Dog by Tamar Gellar.
She just heard it advertized the other day!
Thanks everyone.
Nina Angel

Smaller Than I- Think
Barked: Tue Jun 19, '07 6:57pm PST 
I'm 6 years old and I still bite. D: Not good, I know. My owners are workin' on it though.