miniature dachshunds

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Barked: Tue Jun 12, '07 9:02pm PST 
Hi! I'm new here =) I just got my puppy almost two weeks ago (June 3) as an early birthday present from my boyfriend... I've been wanting one for a while!

Anyways, I read up alot on mini dachshunds before I picked him out, and everything I read pointed out that they are very stubborn, hard-headed, and can be difficult to train.

Are there any mini dachshund owners out there who can help me? Choco is being very difficult to house train, and he chews on everything! Any tips on house training him? Will he grow out of the chewing?
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

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Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 8:50am PST 
Well June 3 is 10 days ago - how old was he then. He is really cute by the way.

The younger the pup, the longer it will take to housetrain and some small breeds take longer than others. I presume you are using pee pads and/or taking him outside many times a day (especially after eating).

Puppies also will not be able to hold their bladder all night so will need a potty break during the night.

This is something you have to work at - you can't potty train a child overnight - can take ages, so why is a puppy any different.

As for biting - he is a little young to be teething but puppies like to bite period. You need to put a soft toy in his mouth when he starts to bite you and encourage him to bite that instead.

Good luck.

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Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 4:38pm PST 
I agree with taking him out on a regular schedule.. he is a young one so you want a routine at this pint. Eventually he will get the idea and stary asking to go out by himself once he realizes why you are going out.
Patience is the key to be honest. There are times Bergi went outside did nothing and then came inside and had an accident.
We also employed that if she asked to go out and did nothing she was crated for 10-20 minutes and then went right back outside.... this method allowed for her to understand that going outside was not play time (she loves playing with sticks and running around) but for the bathroom - at least when she asks to go out.
At this point we have her trained to ring a bell when she needs to go out. We purchased a bell form poochiebells.com and she has learned to use it propery... though for the first two weeks she was scared of the bell she eventually got the hang. Each time we went out we would ring the bell and say "Outside ring the bells"... Now she rings them on her own with her nose. Though there are times she rings the bells to go outside and play we figure at least she is ringing the bells.
As for the biting it is a puppy thing.. Bergi was insane with biting when she had her puppy teeth and now she has her adult teeth there are still times she is mouthy and bity... We just make sure to have lots of toys - especially nylabones have been wonderful.. we also have bought bully sticks which are a favorite...
Also when Bergi is playing and starts getting out of control with barking and biting we make sure to calm her down. We tried the yelling thing but that gets her more insane.. now we make her sit.. make her calm down and give her something to chew on.. rather then our hands..

Good lucksmile

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I have a nine month old dachshund and she is very stubborn. She was difficult to housetrain as well. My best advice is just keep working with him, he'll eventually get it. Until then, you might want to keep him in an enclosed area so he doesn't ruin your floors. As for the chewing, I think that's probably just a puppy thing, he'll most likely grow out of it as he gets older. My dog loves to chew on these baby teething rings, so maybe he might like something similiar to that to chew on. Feel free to paw mail me if you have any questions. Good Luck with your cutie!cheercheerwisheswishes

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smile thank you for the responses!!!! i hope he gets used to it soon frown my parents have given me full responsibility for him and it's getting stressing having to handle him, finals, AND general life... but tomorrow is the last day of school as well as my birthday =)

well, ive been told that I'M having separation anxiety instead of my dog party
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Barked: Wed Jun 20, '07 9:49pm PST 
How are things going?

Well when I came home.. I was all of 2 lbs! eek My Mom took me outside every two hours even during the night. I got trained pretty quick!! Only peed on Mom and Dad's bed once!! snoopy

My human sister has been thinking/dreaming about getting a doxie. Maybe not in the immediate future, but maybe someday! She has heard they are hard to housebreak and are very stubborn. But she owns a basset hound so she's no stranger to that hard headed attitude! big laugh Ruby was hard to housebreak too. She had my sister in tears more than once.. but she got the hang of it. By the time she was 4 months, she was completely housebroken.. which we've heard is actually pretty quick for a basset.

We've often heard that doxies and bassets are similiar.. and not just for that sausage body and stubby legs! big laugh

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Barked: Thu Jun 21, '07 7:55am PST 
Hi there! I was just wondering if you guys were using a crate. Dachsies can be pretty stubborn about that as well, but if you can stick out their protests it is a great tool for housebreaking.

Also, make sure that you're using a pet-specific cleaner for dealing with the "accidents." You'll want to make sure that every enzyme and smell is out of the carpet, otherwise you're inviting the pup to mess in the same place over and over again. Nature's Miracle is an example of a cleaner that deals well with this issue, but there are others as well.

Another thing that helps a lot is keeping to strict schedules. Always feed at the same times each day (very young puppies will almost always have to go about 20 minutes-45 minutes after they eat) and stick to a regimented potty schedule. This will help you predict outside needs and teach the pup where the proper location for relieving himself is located.

Good luck!