Is it a normal thing for a female puppy to hump the older female dog?

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Barked: Mon Jun 11, '07 10:49am PST 
Our little female puppy who will be four months old on the 16th has started to hump our older 14 month old female dog. Is a normal behavior for a female? I wasn't aware of this and thought it was only a "male" thing! If anyone can give me some assistance with this, I certainly would much appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

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Barked: Mon Jun 11, '07 10:51am PST 
Hahaha. The joys of dog ownership! I have seen it many time and in many facets. A good friend of mine owned a brother and sister (both fixed) bichon from the same litter, and the female used to RAVAGE the male. Perfectly normal, it's a hormonal thing. I'm assuming she's not fixed yet wink

*huuugies* for- pals
Barked: Mon Jun 11, '07 11:16am PST 
sometimes they hump to get the other one to play too. it's like.. HEY NOTICE Me!! let's play!


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Barked: Mon Jun 11, '07 12:30pm PST 
Hahaha, Maddie, the older alpha girl here humps everyone new. I'm the newest in the house and I get it from her all the time, I'm told she also did it to Miki when she first arrived and does it ALL the time to Shay when she's in heat. It's not a boy thing, it's a dominance thing big grin

Jayne - Always a Clown!
Barked: Tue Jun 12, '07 6:52pm PST 
Jayne humps her big stuffed toys right before she starts to come in season. I was really freaked out about this the first time i saw her do it. She doesn't do it all the time just right before she comes in
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Barked: Tue Jun 12, '07 7:34pm PST 
Humping? Is this something I need to learn?

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Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 10:02am PST 
Oy. Humping. I've been humped by both of the little runts (although one is now bigger than me) that live here. Freckles started humping me when she was around four months old. Once she got fixed though, it stopped. Now we have another puppy, the husky. He humps me all the time when he's in a rowdy mood. Of course I do my own humping back. It could have something to do with them determining who the alpha dog is.

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Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 10:13am PST 
I've never owned boy dogs before, just females. Each and every female I have owned has humped something for some reason at different times, and they were all spayed. I have had a female that humped a stuffed animal at least a couple times a week and we could never figure out why she did it sometimes and not others. Usually it was when she was playful, so maybe an energy release. J P humps the air when she gets really excited and playful, especially when the little ones are playing with her.

So yes, females hump, and even spayed females hump. It is not a boy thing, and sometimes it is not even a dominance thing. shh

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Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 10:28am PST 
Hershey (who is 6 and was spayed at 6 months) still humps sometimes...it's a dominace thing. It's her way of saying, "Im ALPHA"

Cutie- PaTootie
Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 10:56am PST 
I think it may be a dominance thing! I did it once to a friend but so far, that is all. My Angel sister, Muffin was the Humper Extradinaire !!
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