Nail trimming

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Barked: Sun May 27, '07 3:01pm PST 
I have never trimmed my puppy's nails, but it looks like it's time. I'm nervous about it, as his nails are black and I fear cutting into the quick. Any advice?

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Barked: Sun May 27, '07 6:59pm PST 
First off, check if your dog needs to be restrained while having them cut or if they'll calmly sit with you. The rest of the instruction can be taken from here: http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/ClientED/dog_nails.asp

If you're still afraid of harming your dog, ask for instruction from a dog groomer or your vet. Good luck!
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Barked: Mon May 28, '07 5:24am PST 
Play with your pups feet and toe nails beforehand to get him used to your handling them. Then, be calm, not nervous, and just cut the very tip of it away. Jedi has black nails, so you can't see the quick, I just take off the very ends. If you are nervous, your pup will be also.

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Barked: Tue May 29, '07 11:36am PST 
Will you be going back to the vet for more puppy shots anytime soon? If you are, just ask the vet or tech to show you how to trim them the proper way. With black nails, I cut off small pieces at a time to avoid cutting into the quick, since it's harder to see. The best thing to do, like previous posters said, is to work up to it slowly. Get your pup used to having you handle his/her feet, and introduce the clippers slowly and with lots of treats. Mingus freaks out when he's restrained or when you make a big deal out of clipping his nails, so I just sneak up on him when he's really relaxed and resting and snip, snip, snip.. he usually doesn't even bat an eye, and it's MUCH easier to do when he's not flailing around!

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Barked: Tue May 29, '07 7:10pm PST 
I'd also suggest taking your pup to the vet and having a tech show you how to do it. Ours showed us whenwe first got Chloe and we used to clip her nails every week...although we now find it easier to have a groomer do it...smile

My best advice is to have treats on hand...praise will make it easiest!
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Barked: Sun Jun 17, '07 9:54pm PST 
The trick to cutting nails is to do it at an angle. You hold the clippers so that you are taking off more from the top than the bottom b/c the quick is closer to the base of the nail.

I do this, and if I have to I will file down the rest to make it even. But this will help you from cutting a quick.
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Barked: Mon Jun 18, '07 3:11am PST 
He's a pug. Good luck trimming his nails. I do all the pommy's myself, but take the pug to the groomer. She is just too squirmy and strong.