cleaning pugs face

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Barked: Sun Apr 6, '08 11:10am PST 
Whenever I go to clean the folds on puppy's face he freaks out. I've tried while he sleeps too and he just gets so worked up and yipes like I am hurting him, is there a method for doing this that others have found helpful?

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Barked: Tue Apr 15, '08 5:15am PST 
I use a hypo-allergenic baby wipe every day. Just a quick swipe and it's done. I don't worry about getting every little nook and cranny each time, because whatever I miss today I'll get tomorrow smile

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Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 6:06pm PST 
Hi Frankie wave you are soo cute!!

You could try what helped my mommy be able to trim my nails. Get a bunch of treats handy; give him a treat after every wipe. Soon he'll start to connect the two, eventually you can give him treats and praise only when he is being calm for you while you clean him, then work off the treats to just praise . Mom still get the treats out sometimes just to re-enforce. way to go
Works great for us, may be worth a try... Good luck whatever you decide to do winksmile