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Spring Fling and WE NEED YOU TO BE PART OF the Royal Court
Wed Mar 5 2008 5:00 pm
Posted by: Lady ♥ Lexus
Description: We are planning a Spring Fling Ball and Dance for Wednesday, March 5, Wowwie! It is the girls ask the boys and the boys can also ask the girls. This is being sponsored by the Spoiled Pug’s House of the Golden Hearts in D House. Simon Pieman and Duke are hosts of the event and Lady Lexus is the royal hostess! Here is the fun part. We are going to have a Duchess and Duke Court and some lucky puppies will be crowned Prince and Princess of the BALL. They will reign for the whole month of March at Spoiled Pugs! They can belong to any house and even belong to the Peter Pan room! Every Puppy can be a Duchess and Duke for March by entering the court: It is a picture contest of the girl puppy and/or the boy puppy .......tags pictures as SPspringfling . We are looking for the Royal types! Real regal! You can enter as a couple or as a single…we will pair you up if you win as a single! ALL court pictures have to be done and judged by March 1…so you need to hurry! This is a fun time to become Royal with a title! The winners of the picture contest will become the Prince and Princess at the Spring Fling on Wednesday Night, March 5, 5:00 PM dogster time! Hopefully, you will get a crown that night!

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