Lancaster SC BSL, Please help!

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Barked: Thu Mar 6, '08 3:41pm PST 
the people of lancaster are doing a great job defending their dogs, and the proposal is already being reviewed, its looking good, BUT we still need people to write them & let them know just how unpopular a BSL is! They have been very open minded, so please be polite, but the more emails the better!

LANCASTER COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA The Lancaster County Council has proposed a new ordinance to "crack down" on three breeds of dogs: pit bulls, American bulldogs and canary dogs. Under the proposed law, owners of the three dangerous breeds would have to keep their dogs in a pen with an 8-foot fence, or a secure top. The dogs would wear a bright yellow or orange collar that identifies them as dangerous. Owners must register them yearly at animal control and notify officials if they move or sell the dog. They must also show proof of liability insurance. The proposed ordinance is patterned after a law in Akron, Ohio, that Lancaster officials say has stood up to legal challenges there. CONTACT INFORMATION County Administrator: Steve Willis - (803) 416-9300 swillis@lancastercountysc.net Clerk to Council: Irene Plyler - (803) 416-9307 Meetings are held the 1st and last Mondays of each month at 6:00 p.m.. If a meeting date falls on a holiday, the meeting is rescheduled. See County calendar for all meeting dates. Location of meetings: County Administration Building County Council Chambers 101 N. Main Street, 2nd floor Lancaster, SC 29721 Citizens who wish to address Council may sign up for "Citizens Comments." A register for people to sign will be placed at the entrance to council chambers prior to each regularly scheduled meeting. Speakers will be allowed approximately three minutes. Discussion with Council does not take place during citizens comments. Should any person, group or organization request to be heard at a regular meeting of Council upon any matter which falls under Council's authority or jurisdiction, the deadline for placing such items on the agenda is the close of business (5:00 pm) on the Tuesday prior to the regular Monday council meeting. A written request should be submitted to the Clerk to Council, P O Box 1809, Lancaster SC 29721, or by fax at 803-285-3361, or by e-mail to ireneplyler@lancastercountysc.net. The request will then be submitted to the Council Chairman for approval. County Council Council Members District Term Expires Bryan Vaughn 1 12/31/2008 Fred Thomas, Vice-Chairman 2 12/31/2010 Wesley Grier, Secretary 3 12/31/2008 Larry Honeycutt 4 12/31/2010 Rudy Carter, Chairman 5 12/31/2008 Jack Estridge 6 12/31/2010 Wayne Kersey 7 12/31/2008 Link to contact information: http://www.lancastercountysc.net/council/default.asp