New Puppy Potty Training

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Hey everybody!

I am new to the forum, and this is my first post! Hopefully I could get some insight from other Pomeranian owners!

We recently adopted our new 3 month old pomeranian, and we are not sure if we are potty training her properly.

We so far have purchased a crate, as well as a pen (wire fence).

We are currently only using the pen, and not the crate yet as she seems to pee in it excessively.

In the pen (octagonal shape), we have a pee wet mat on one side, food/water on another, and a soft towel for her to sleep in on the remaining side, creating a triangle.

For the most part, she does pee in the matt, however she sometimes pees in the towel where she sleeps. Whenever we find out that she has pee'd in the towel, we wash it with softener and detergent and replace it. We are not sure if this is normal, since she is still a young puppy, but would like some input from more experienced dog owners.

Another problem is that whenever we open the door from the pen to let her out, she will never voluntarily go back in to pee, and she just pees on the floor/carpet. There are 2 specific spots that she will pee in, but we would like for her to voluntarily go back in the pen to pee. We try to catch her red handed, and move her to the pen when she tries to pee outside and we are not sure if this is the right move.

We have only had her for 2 days, and I know this is probably waay to early for our puppy to get conditioned to our routine and schedule, but hopefully we are doing everything correctly.

We really appreciate your input if you have any suggestions!

Edit: I forgot to add that we always praise her when she defecates or urinates onto the pee pad properly, so the main problem is when we let her out of the pen, she pees where she wants =cry

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