What do you feed your Pom pom?

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Wittle Girl

I am the cutiest- girl
Barked: Fri Mar 7, '08 12:51pm PST 
What type of food do you feed your poms? Something good for their health and coat? I just started to feed Daphne canidae and when she is a little older I was going to switch to maybe evo? What do you guys suggest???? Thanks!

I also answer to- 'Pretty Girl'
Barked: Fri Mar 7, '08 1:05pm PST 
Hi Daphne! wave

Sophie eats 1/2 cup of Canidae daily plus 1 teaspoon canned food. I am thinking of rotating her dry food. Something like Solid Gold Wee Bits and Timberwolf Organics.

Evo is a great food, too. way to go
King Rio

Barked: Fri Mar 7, '08 8:26pm PST 
I currently feed mine Eukebuna, but have been thinking about switching them to something else.

Oni~Prince of Thieves

Unable to- respond...
Barked: Sat Mar 8, '08 12:08pm PST 
I wish you luck if you do try EVO...I tried the Red Meat Small bites and it gave my pups quite a bit of trouble-which is an extremely rare occurance with kibble. If the store you are planning on getting the food from has samples-try those out first to see it will be okay for your dog. I didn't and ended up with half a bag of food that I couldn't use frown

As far as what I feed, I rotate several different foods. Currently I use Nature's Variety, Innova (regular adult formula), Canidae, Wellness CORE, Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit, Eagle Pack Holistic, Timberwolf Organics, and Artemis- with a bit of home cooking mixed in. Rotation has made me into a dog food nut and I am now always looking to add more foods to the list laugh out loud
King Arthur

King Arthur-the- only ruler in- this house
Barked: Sat Mar 8, '08 12:10pm PST 
wave We all eat Dry Chicken soup for dog lovers. One of the royal family members is expecting and we are mixing canned puppy food with her dry food now. I also add a tablespoon of plain yogart to their food every other day to help with any digestive issues they may have. And they love it too.laugh out loud
Tutu - CGC/TDI

Tuff Fluff!
Barked: Sat Mar 8, '08 8:56pm PST 
I eat Innova Puppy and soon I will graduate to regular Innova Small Bites way to go

Remember that anytime you change your food should be done slowly over the course of a week (mom prefers two weeks) especially if you change over to Evo!

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Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 9:41pm PST 
Toby eats Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy. He gets 1 cup a day, 1/3 cup at each feeding, so he gets fed 3 meals a day.
Tutu - CGC/TDI

Tuff Fluff!
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 8:19am PST 
I personally won't feed Iams or Eukanuba (same company) for their animal cruelty (iamscruelty.com) Mom is rather particular about my food company having great quality food and a clean image, I recommend:

Blue Buffalo
and any of the Natura companies foods:
California Natural

big grin

Bodhi Wodhi
Barked: Wed Mar 12, '08 7:58am PST 
Bodhi eats 1/2 cup of Canidae a day. Sometimes a lil raw or veggies depending on what I'm making for dinner. He LOVES milk. So sometimes a teeny bit of it. Not sure how good that is for him, but he whines forever! lol I am looking to switch him to something else but worried b/c he's done so well on Canidae. I started him out on Innova Puppy, and he just never got used to it. What is something similar to Canidae but not toooooo rich? He could have just been more sensitive when he was real little.
Tutu - CGC/TDI

Tuff Fluff!
Barked: Wed Mar 12, '08 11:02am PST 
Is there a particular reason you are looking to use a different kind of food if your pup is doing well on the current food? That may change what food brand you want.
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