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Reading some of these posts breaks my heart. I stumbled upon my dog at the SPCA, had no idea what breed he was but his brindle coat was beautiful. He was young - 8 or 9 months. I admit the first couple of years were extremely difficult, to say the least. Unfortunately, I didn't focus on training and really know how to train. I finally got with the program and the results, 5 1/2 years after adoption, are remarkable. This is the most loving, gentle, smart and devoted dog I've ever owned (and I'm old! I've had many dogs!). I said he's smart. Sometimes smarter than me. He loves all people and all animals although nothing makes him happier than chasing a rabbit or treeing a squirrel.
I just hope that any future readers having difficulty with their Plott and contemplating getting rid of the animal will read this. If you put in the time and effort, you will have a dog like no other. You must train and train gently. They don't respond to any type of harsh punishment. But really, they are so smart they are easy to train. They want to please.
By the time my dog has lived his 12-14 years I will be too old to have another. However, I can promise you that if that wasn't the case, I'd search high and low to find another Plott puppy.