Anyone know anything about the dog parks near Joliet, IL?

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Barked: Thu Nov 11, '10 2:58pm PST 
So I found a small dog park about 30 minutes away from my house. It's nice, but very few people go there. A guy I met there said that there was a dog park up by Joliet that he says is much nicer and more people go there. I have to get a permit though.

After searching, I'm kind of confused. It lists 3 different dog parks near Joliet and in Will county.

How many dog parks are there? Are most of them actually in a park or are they just fenced in areas?

I'd like to check it out, but the drive is something I'm not looking forward too. Plus, I'd hate to pay for a permit if I go there and find out I don't like it. I'd like to go there, check out the dog park, and be able to walk around on trails or something else because I wouldn't have a permit the first time so I couldn't use the dog park. lol...does that make sense?

And where exactly do you buy the permits?

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Barked: Sat Nov 13, '10 4:42pm PST 
I've never been to any of these, but the website does say how big they are, that they are fenced, and have a separate area for dogs under 30 lbs. It also says you can get a day permit for $3.


I would suggest identifying what county you live in or near and googling "your county dog park". When we lived in the area, we went to DuPage County and Lake County dog parks. Both have great spots, but it sounds like that might be too far away for you.

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Barked: Sun Nov 14, '10 6:21am PST 
There are more than (3) dog parks in Will County. The reconnectwithnature site only reflects the Will County Forest Preserve admnistered parks and rules for use. Additional dog parks can be found in Plainfield, Homewood, Shorewood, Frankfort, Naperville, Lockport and many of the other individual towns around Joliet. What might work for you all depends on where in Will County you reside. Google the individual towns to find what is offered. Also, you might be able to get a specific park recommendation if you post your question on www.getjolietpets.com.


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Barked: Sun Nov 14, '10 6:34am PST 
I see you are in Kankakee. Check the individual park facilities for Wilmington, Peotone, Manteno, even Beecher. They might have nice, fenced dog parks too.