Is my dog a long-legged corgi (mix)??

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Barked: Sun Aug 28, '11 4:59pm PST 
Cooper was found wandering the streets without a collar. As such, I haven't the slightest idea what breed he is. He is 50lbs at 5 years, so clearly he is a mix if he has any corgi in him. I look at his face and coloring and back haunches and think he strongly resembles a corgi. It is rare for me to see a dog with both a Munster peak and Cleopatra eyes, but when I do it tends to be on a Corgi. He also has a short tail. The vet seems to think it is natural and not due to an injury or bobbing. Is it normal for a corgi mix to not have a trace of dwarfism? I've read that it is a dominant allele. How rare is a long-legged corgi mix?

In sum, lol, anyone have an idea what he might be a mix of? Thank you!

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Cooper looks exactly like my parents dog. She's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Jack Russell mix.

Perhaps Cooper has a similar makeup!