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Queenie- Gismo

Barked: Thu Mar 8, '07 10:56am PST 
Just wanting to say hi to all the corgis!


My Daddy is a- Soldier!
Barked: Thu Mar 8, '07 3:56pm PST 
Hello Queenie! You're a cute corgi! wave
Gem Fluffy- O'Rourke- (1997-'10)

Yongest Sister
Barked: Sat Mar 10, '07 4:04pm PST 
Hi Friends! Why aren't there more Corgis in here? Our paws may be short, but we can move quick! shrug


fun police
Barked: Sun Mar 11, '07 8:08am PST 
Theres actually alot of corgis on dogster. If you haven't already you should check out club corgi. we all like to hang there and its a great group of people/dogs.

I'm such a good- boy
Barked: Tue Mar 13, '07 4:31pm PST 
Hi y'all!
I'm a Corgi Mix, but I thought I'd stop in and say hello just the same. I'm part Corgi and part Lab. That means I have a giant head and tiny little legs. My foster mom told my new mommy that my head probably weighs more than my whole body red face I'm still a pretty cute doggie if I do say so myself. I'll see you around.
Bernice- "Bernie" - Brisen CGC

Cute Corgi- Attack!
Barked: Thu Mar 15, '07 6:39pm PST 
Gooooooooooooooo corgis! Cute will take over the world!
Lola CGC, TD

i'm kind of cute
Barked: Mon Mar 19, '07 5:54am PST 
Hey corgis! We've been neglecting dogster lately and came back to see we have our very own home!!

Hooray! Corgis WILL take over the world. Or at least mom' s house once she convinces her family to get another hehehe!!!


Yippie! Spring- is here :)
Barked: Tue Apr 24, '07 9:07am PST 
Corgis are the best!!! Hello to everyone!wave

Corgilicious,- Corgarific,- Corgifabulous
Barked: Sat Apr 28, '07 4:45pm PST 

Cookies did- someoe say- cookies!
Barked: Sun Jun 10, '07 10:44am PST 
Woof woof!dog
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