Looking for other blind and deaf Pekes

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Barked: Sat Oct 9, '10 3:29pm PST 
Greetings all I'm Amanda and with me is the ever amazing Kismet. Kismet lost vision in her left eye when she was just a pup from a nasty incident with a cat. When she got to be 13 I noticed her hearing was pretty much gone with exception to really loud noises. Well, last week I had an appointment to take her to an eye specialist due to an ulcer in her one good eye...she developed corneal dystrophy which apparently makes the eye very susceptible to ulcers...but we never made it there cry The ulcer was on a fast track to badness and her iris perforated through her pupil resulting in an emergency run to the animal hospital. The eye specialist there did what she could to save her eye but because the iris had prolapsed the possibility of her sight returning is very slim.

So now I'm the very proud owner of a deaf and blind Peke. I've been desperately searching for info on how to train her. While there is tons of info I'm finding not much of it seems to apply to the ways of a Pekingese. As you all know these are not typical pups! Willful and stubborn are understatements. Plus she is 15 and VERY set in her ways. Right now she's giving me the cold Peke shoulder about having to wear an e-collar. I think the collar is really messing with her ability to map things out. We can't wait to get it off but I think she's going to be wearing it for quite a while until her eye heals. I just took her out for her first walk....me trying to guide her in her Peke brain is me trying to force her to bend to my will so I mostly had to deal with her bracing herself against my guiding tugs with the leash.
I was hoping someone here would have experience in any of this with one of their Pekes. Any advice would be beyond fabulous!
Kismet and I thank you!!!!dog