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Barked: Sat Dec 5, '09 5:16am PST 
New to dogster and just wanted to say Hi to all!

Pretending I am- a dog is lame
Barked: Sat Dec 5, '09 1:47pm PST 
Hi fellow pekingese-dogs.net member! cheer I object to pretending I'm my dog talking (that's so dumb) so I'm trying to find a way to post as myself.

Barked: Sun Dec 6, '09 6:18am PST 
Hi Transcend! Kind of agree with you. See you back at our usual site!


Mr. Cutie- Patootie
Barked: Mon Dec 7, '09 6:51am PST 
Hi ladies........*waving*

It's me, Godsbabe and I have to agree with you both. LOL, I love your honesty. It's not very active over here as I assumed it was either or maybe everyone is real busy this time of the year...thinking
Lacey Lu (- Rainbow- Bridge)

Laid Back Lacey
Barked: Tue Dec 15, '09 9:22am PST 
Hi all! My name is Lacey and I am a 5-7 yr old Rescue Peke with on going staph infections. Does any Peke here have this, and if so what is the Vet treating you with?
Toree Lee

Tiny but mighty
Barked: Thu May 6, '10 9:37am PST 
Hi,everyone. I'm new to this site also. Just want to be friends.wave