How I deal with Dog Parks

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Got Bones?
Barked: Fri May 27, '05 9:29pm PST 
It is sad but there are more irresponsible dog owners than responsible ones. Owners that understand dog behavior know that humping and mounting, while not always sexual, are signs of dominance. Also blocking access to a gate, barking a lot when a new dog enters the park, and stalking another dog are other examples. That first sign of dominance, whatever it is, must be stopped by the owner. Not stopping or correcting dominant behavior leads to more dangerous dominant behavior. Both small dogs and big dogs must be corrected. I am a small pup, but my owners don't let me achieve a "Napoleon complex."

"Natural" behavior like humping is not ok just because it is natural. Anyone who thinks so is ignorant. Humans engage is natural behaviors like passing gas, scratching themselves, burping, and belching. We teach our children to do those things in private, or at least excuse ourselves when they happen in public. The same applies to dogs and humping/mounting.

Owners who do not supervise their dogs get away with murder. In some way, they ignore the bad behaviors and don't see what is going on. Not knowing allows them to feign innocence and give up reprehensibility for their dog's actions. Inexcusable.

Don't you hate seeing poop on the ground. On the green grass where you walk, suddenly you feel that squishy sensation and smell something foul. Clean up after your dogs!

So what do I do?

Unfortunately, the easiest way to solve these problems is for me to not visit dog parks. May mom and dad take me to other places, not "dog parks" by definition. Parks and spaces where dogs are allowed are the places where I spend my outside time. Like I said, those bad owners in my city make it impossible for me to walk around the dog parks.

Dog parks should be safe havens for dogs. We can't get into supermarkers, most shops, few if any restaurants, and a couple pet stores. When I am in a dog park (very few times) I quickly find a good owner and if they are willing exchange contacts. With that contract we meet again- in a safer place, without the stress of bad dog owners.

What can we do? Dog park in my home are full of the bad dogs. It seems like other owner have done what mine have done to, leave the dog parks for someplace else. Ultimately, those with bad training have taken our space! Could there be petitions that call for stricter enforcement of the "aggressive dog" code? That could be a start.

A Doggie Scholar
Barked: Fri May 27, '05 11:59pm PST 
Interesting point, Duke.

I'm a gamma dog too smile

Laddie the- brave and- wonderful - westie
Barked: Sat May 28, '05 1:40am PST 
Your right Duke, its very sad that some owners spoil it for others.(Cant blame the dogs)
Here in the UK we have heavy fines for not picking up dog poo...... but there are those that ignore these rules.

Lady- Izabelle,- CGC TDI

Therapy Dog- Extraordinaire!
Barked: Tue May 31, '05 12:26pm PST 
Well stated Duke.My Mommy agrees with you completely.

She, too, has quit the "Dog" parks and I play with my doggie friends is friendlier places.

My Mommy always carries those little plastic baggies around for the deposits I leave behind.She actually walked up to a lady last time we were at my favorite park to play (not a dog park) and handed her one of the baggies so she could pick up her doggies doo doo.Mommy said the lady acted a bit embarrasses, but she didn't care.It's people like them that make it so we cannot go to regular parks cause no one picks up after us.