I'm not a poet-doggie, but....

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Got Bread?
Barked: Sun Jun 12, '05 1:12am PST 
aw c'mon...no one has a poem for me?

Tobbbyyyyyy! AJJJJJ!!! Lilyyyy!!

Anyone? :o

Bringin' Sexy- Back!
Barked: Sun Jun 12, '05 9:03am PST 
OK, I'll do onesmile

Doggie poetry is great
Sara liked the bread she ate
Little Rosie wants more ham
There is never enough of it.

ok, that last part didn't really rhyme. But I couldn't think of anything. hehehe
"Rusty the Terrible"

Barked: Sun Jun 12, '05 10:17am PST 
Rusty is Red
Rusty is Blue
When Rusty is hungry
He's going to eat you too...

Terrible 24/7


Got Bread?
Barked: Sun Jun 12, '05 2:48pm PST 
Doggies are red,
and sometimes they're blue,
Mom and Dad love me,
But they won't let me sniff poo!

Disgusting I know...but Sara's Dad wrote the last line party
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