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Will Jump For- Treats
Barked: Sat Aug 24, '13 2:08pm PST 
We just moved into a new area which is very dog friendly & has a trail for walking or biking. I take Miklo there 3 times a day for exercise. While walking I get lots of compliments on him of Nice Pit or Cool Pit Bull. Instead of labeling I would like if someone would just ask what is his name. That way if we pass by one another ever again, they could use his name & say hello. We just lost 2 of our other dogs on the same day 8-8-13, talk about a huge loss. So, in honor of them both, I'll blurt out his name is Miklo not Pit Bull. I think that would set a great trend of change for this breed. I don't march against Breed Specific Legislation yearly for nothing, right?! Roverlution.org

Barked: Tue Oct 15, '13 5:50am PST 
I call them all babies, puppies, or dog. Although once and awhile the dog is unusual looking that I do ask the breeds.

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Barked: Wed Oct 16, '13 4:39am PST 
Nice thought. I lost my dog a few months ago as well. Wouldn't know how much he means to you until you he is gone and leaves a void in your life.