Your Best Easter or Passover...

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It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 3:23pm PST 
Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone!!!hamster dancehamster dancehamster dance

Who wants to share a special memory of holidays past?

My best Easter was one year when we were in Chicago. My parents traveled alot for business and a convention was in Chicago over that weekend. I pitched a fit wondering how the Easter Bunny would find us...typical kid, neeeeed candy....

Only now as a grownup do I realize the effort that went into my parents packing up a bunch of Easter goodies so the bunny could come to the hotel. I still remember details of the candy, books, toys...fifty years ago but it was that specialbig grin

Happy Rabbit Day, Chag Sameash and Peace to All

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