No strays or unwanted dogs in New York? All dogs are desexed and all cats declawed?

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Is it true that in New York and New Jersey very few people have pets and the lucky few who find a dog friendly apartment have to have proof the dog is spayed/neutered and has been to basic training?

I was also told that all cats must be declawed and that both dogs and cats are very very expensive, for example, the homeless kitten I was trying to place would be worth $70 to$150. and that there aren’t any strays/rescues there?
Honestly, this sounds really unlikely to me, but I can’t say I have been closer then the New York airport to the city in question. I honestly got the feeling the person, who is from the east coast, was trying to suggest the deep south is backwards partly because of the number of stray/unwanted dogs, cats, and puppies. (Not because in this climate they are more likely to stay alive as a stray or as stray puppies until someone helps them or they are picked up by the shelter.) and partly because she is having problems with culture shock and the low tolerance for fast, brusque speech which we consider rude.

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wave Hi Fritz. Moved this because it's not really a Behavior & Training topic. Hope you don't mind.

As a generalization there are fewer animals per capita admitted to shelters in NYC, (and fewer animals euth'd therein), compared to shelters in the Southeast. Actually this is true for shelters all across the Northeast, not just NYC.

Does this mean there are "NO" strays or unwanted dogs or cats in NYC?? Of course not. There ARE many animals in the shelters there, just relatively fewer, ya know?

As for the "why" of the differences that do exist -- that's up for debate. If you think the reason has to do with the climate in each region, then I guess you could suggest so to your "friend."

ETA: Sounds like she was referring to NYC in this conversation? From what I understand, lots of people have dogs & cats in the city. I don't know the exact percentages or anything though.

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There are lots of stray dogs and cats in NYC. Just look at the Animal Care & Control NYC where there are lots of dogs and cats that come in as strays and owner surrenders every day (so many that they have 2 locations just to hold all of them). The adoption fees vary for rescues and shelters as some dogs are harder to adopt then others (old, sick, breed, etc) the more money a rescue or shelter puts into an animal, the more they have to charge just to cover their costs. The older a dog or the more undesirable its breed the lower the adoption fee is going to be. AT NYC AC&C there can be some animals (not sure if dog/cat/other) adopted for as little as $25 while others have an adoption fee of $400.

There are a bunch of rescues based out of NY that I know of and have had contact with and the site below lists most of them along with most of the shelters.


I know that most rescues are against declawing so I know that there is no rule in NYC about having to have your cat declawed...it is usually done as a convince for people in apartments who do not want to buy (or cant afford to buy) scratchers for their cats so they have them declawed to keep them from damaging their furniture and/or apartment.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks you'all,
I honestly didn't know where to put my question, thanks for getting it into the right forum. My Co worker, not a friend, was talking about both New Jersey and NYC. I didn't think she was particularly well informed but you never know. I did say requiring a cat to be declawed was barbaric, but she insisted it was written into all leases.

I did suggest the climate is partially to blame and I am sure there are other reasons, but this person was more interested in slamming the south.

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I have lots of friends in NJ and plenty of our students come from there and I have never heard of any such thing. Your co-worker is misinformed.

And sadly, there are plenty of dogs and cats in shelters. I pull from NJ shelters now and then and they are always urging me to see if I know anyone who will help this dog or that dog because time in getting short. Do a quick Petfinder search and it is pretty easy to see what is available.

As to prices, that varies from shelter to shelter and rescue to rescue.
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I know some leases say that there can be no animals in the house/apt and people who do not want to get rid of their cats will have them declawed thinking that the landlord will not know there is a cat if ti doesn't scratch anything and they keep the box clean and keep it inside, it usually doesnt work out. I have never heard of one that allows only declawed cats, however it may be out their somewhere. That would be the landlords decision not an actual law

Maybe you could give her the list of rescues/shelter posted earlier and the link to the NYAC&C to show her how many homeless animals there are all over the country (although there are a lot in the south, there are a good amount in the north also)

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Thanks, I will give it a try, but I have a feeling I would have more success getting a rock to listen to me. Who knows, miracles can happen.