Pitbull saves owner from on-coming train

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I saw this on the news this morning. It's one more reason you can't breed discriminate.

Pit bull saves owner from freight train

May 8, 2012 5hi58pm

(NECN: Julie Loncich) – Surrounded by pictures of her family and furry friends, 8-year-old Lily likely can't begin to comprehend just how much she means to David Lanteigne.

"If it wasn't for Lily she wouldn't be here right now," said David Lanteigne.

Last week in Shirley, Mass., David's mother, Christine, Lily's owner, fell on railroad tracks as a freight train was barreling toward her. Lily reacted quickly.

"Lily was either pushing or pulling her, trying to get her off the tracks. The conductor said there wasn't enough time and at one point Lily ran around to the front and took the hit of the train for my mother," said Lanteigne.

David's mother wasn't hurt and Lily survived, but she was critically injured, damaging her hind leg and liver, shattering her pelvis, and over the weekend, her front leg was amputated.

Vets at the Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston call Lily a dream patient.

"She's an incredible dog. She's very easy to work with. She's very tolerant....I have every reason to believe that she's going to walk quite well after this, albeit just three legs," Dr. Kiko Bracker of the Emergency Critical Care Center at Angell.

Lily has been a lifeline for David's mother, who battles depression and alcoholism, since she was adopted as a therapy dog several years ago.

Lily is a pit bull with a huge heart and one whose family hopes will help break some even bigger stereotypes.

"We rescued her; we saved her,” said Lanteigne. “And she made almost the ultimate sacrifice returning the favor. She's just an amazing dog."

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cheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer Finally,positive press about Pitbulls!!!!!!happy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance if the press would publish more stories like this people may finally see that it is the person behind the leash and not the breed of dog that is the problem!!!!!!big grin
Thank-you for sharing the good things that "bad" breeds do.hug
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I love good stories about bully breeds. smile


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Hey you beat me to it, and I'm glad! This link is currently on msn:


I agree, it's about time the press publish some great things that pits do. Lily is a rescue, so that was awesome to read, too.big grin

Many are accomplished therapy dogs, SAR dogs and Popsicle in Texas is one of that state's top narcotics dogs ever. All lovely, well-behaved pit bulls. They can be incredibly hard working, too, so they're a great fit for many jobs.

The state of Maryland just declared them 'inherently dangerous'. Yeah, Lily was real dangerous as she risked her own life to save her mama from an oncoming train...When will some people ever learn?shrug
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Is this a new forum? It's not listed on the regular forum site. It doesn't appear anyone can access it easily.
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Sorry, Jax....

Fixed it.red face There is a thread already in Dogster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment, so I moved it to Other Barks and Woofs, so this wonderful story gets lots of coverage!cloud 9
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Thank you Roo Crew! applause