Doggy Kidnappings on the rise

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I posted an article on this a while back.
I found this update on our local news website.
Thought it night be helpful to fellow Dogsters.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Dognappings are on the rise nationwide because, authorities say, thieves want to cash in on your pooch.
In December, four Chinese Imperial Shih Tzus were taken from Puppy Love Farms in Noble.
"Someone was tall enough they didn't even open the latches. They just bent right over and took them," Karen Cox said.
The puppies each weighed about a pound, but were worth $500 each.
Cox left the door to her puppy nursery, located just a few feet from her house, unlocked.
"It was about 2 in the morning, and I had been taking care of a sick puppy, so I was going in and out," Cox said.
Somebody came in and stole the puppies she had already sold -- $2,000 gone in seconds.
"I didn't sleep for about a month. I really had a hard time about it," she said.
And Cox is not alone.
"The American Kennel Club continues to see an alarming rise in the number of dognappings across America," said Lisa Peterson of the AKC.
The club reported a 49-percent increase in stolen dogs for 2011. Small dogs are particularly attractive to thieves.
"So, if you do have a dog like that and you leave it in your yard, it's not hard for someone to scoop up that puppy, stuff it under a jacket or in a bag and sell it," said Gretchen Feiser with the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.
That's why experts say never to leave dogs unattended on a front porch or in a back yard.
"Would you think 20 feet from my house that someone would be that bold?" Cox asked.
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Admittedly, it sounds like they stole from a puppy mill.