Dog and Owner Personality Tests!!

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Kip & Oogie

Goof Fox & Diva- Squirrel
Barked: Wed Feb 22, '12 12:54am PST 
So, I was just perusing the interwebs and ended up stumbling on a couple of interesting personality tests, both for dogs and their owners!

The one for dogs is pretty neat. It's called the CBTI and it measures your pup's personality based on three factors- Environmental (Organized or Disorganized), Social (Alpha, Beta, or Gamma), and Motivational/Energy (High or Medium). You can take it here: CBTI Test

The other one is geared towards your particular "Dog Owner Behavior pattern" and doesn't really have a test to take for it, but I'm sure most of you will be able to read the descriptions and determine what type(s) you fall into smile Dog Owner Personality Types

For my two pups, Kip got the "Diplomat" type (Organized-Gamma-Medium Energy) and Oogie got the "Dreamer" type (Spontaneous-Beta-Medium Energy). Here's their descriptions so you can get an idea of the different types:

Kip- "The Diplomat is a task focused, submissive character employing passive, medium energy techniques. It strives to keep order in a small but meaningful area and do the leader's bidding in a passive, sometimes underhanded manner. The combination of Submissive (Gamma or G) and Medium (M) energy factors make the Diplomat a soft, loving, easy care character."

Oogie- "The Dreamer is disorganized, socially and mentally. It lacks the energy to assert an active social challenge but may challenge an easy going owner or dog over some prized resource such as a couch or bone, perhaps curling it's lip or snarling occasionally. It enjoys free-form pastimes such as watching TV or sniffing about off lead most of all."

^^ The results I got for them are pretty dead on, though Oogie doesn't ever growl at me. She will occasionally grumble at Kip if he tries to take away her favorite antler chew though.

As for the "Dog Owner Type," I'm primarily "Soul-mate" but also have a bit of "Observer" and "Expert" thrown in as well:

"The Soul Mate: Loving, attentive, and empathetic towards their dogs, true Soul Mates value the deep-feeling connections they develop with their pets. Soul Mates are always thinking of their pets’ safety and wellbeing, and a Soul Mate’s dog is always very well taken care of. Soul Mates are also known to take their dogs on many trips, adventures, and outings. As a result, their dogs are usually very well socialized."

Hope you guys like them! Feel free to share your results on either or both smile

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Do you even- lift?
Barked: Wed Feb 29, '12 9:54pm PST 
Onyx got Commando.

"Your dog is an Organised, Alpha and High Activity type which we call the Commando. The Commando is the most forceful, eye catching yet restrained character. It needs to work and will be on the go all day long. It sees the big picture and is most comfortable and effective working in a team. The Commando is calm, yet energetic maintaining focus on the team leader and the task at hand."

Pretty accurate I'd say. He's very confident and loves to work but he likes to work with me. And while he takes direction very well, he also has the ability to think for himself. He's very high energy but can focus that energy into a job.

I think for the owner personality, I'm a combination of the master and the expert. I enjoy training and like to have control over my dog. Which isn't to say I never let him make his own choices but I want to know he'll obey me in any situation. And the expert because I love doing research on anything dog related.

Fun post smile

Fortius quo- fidelius
Barked: Wed Feb 29, '12 11:10pm PST 
"Your dog is an Organised, Gamma and High Activity type which we call the Deputy. The Deputy is a submissive, mouldable, balanced character. It happily does the leader's bidding, is easily led and controlled but prefers an orderly environment. The Deputy conforms to its leader's wishes most readily. Deputies are easy to train, willing to conform socially and team spirited. They are everybody's friend."

I think it's pretty correct to Booth. He's very eager to please, easy going, and friendly.

I'd say I'm a mix between Soul Mate and Free Spirit. I need some control over my dog, of course, but I like to let him do his own thing when I can.

Scruffy (RIP)

In Loving Memory
Barked: Sat Mar 3, '12 11:36am PST 
Scruffy's results:
Your dog is a Spontaneous, Beta and Medium Activity type which we call the Dreamer. The Dreamer is disorganised, socially and mentally. It lacks the energy to assert an active social challenge but may challenge a very easy going owner or dog over some prized resource such as the couch or a bone, perhaps curling its lip or snarling occasionally. It enjoys freeform pastimes such as watching TV or sniffing about off lead most of all.

Lily's results:
Your dog is a Spontaneous, Beta and High Activity type which we call the Adventurer. The Adventurer regularly challenges the social order, routine and environmental orderliness. It constantly searches for new social and environmental standards. It is highly competitive with plenty of energy and a playful spirit but not great at group activities.

As for me, I'd say I'm a mix of 'The Buddy' & 'Expert'.

The Buddy: Buddies are high-energy, full force funsters. They are all for dog sports and outdoor adventures, anytime. They form connections with their dogs by sharing experiences with them. As confident, strong leaders, Buddies have no problem training their dogs. In fact, their dogs seem to naturally fall into step with their owners — the perfect Buddy System. This can be a wonderful and exciting life for both the owner and the dog.

The Expert: Experts believe that the best way to keep their dogs safe and happy is to learn everything they can about owning a dog, training, and their specific breed or mix. An Expert will do extensive research before purchasing or adopting a dog. They are often extremely intelligent, with a sharp wit and an excellent sense of humor. They thrive on learning, and make sure their dogs do too. Experts will have their dogs enrolled in obedience, agility, and training classes.

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bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Sat Mar 3, '12 8:24pm PST 
Sentry- Your dog is an Organised, Beta and Medium Activity type which we call the Sentry. The Organised (O) factor motivates territoriality and the need to control its environment. Sentries can easily switch from dominant to submissive strategies due to the Beta (B) social status factor. The Medium (M) energy factor means they will defend and control modest areas.

Adventurer- Your dog is a Spontaneous, Beta and High Activity type which we call the Adventurer. The Adventurer regularly challenges the social order, routine and environmental orderliness. It constantly searches for new social and environmental standards. It is highly competitive with plenty of energy and a playful spirit but not great at group activities.

The Human:
I feel like I am parts Soul Mate, Expert, and Observer.

I LOVE PBS Nature!! snoopy

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Kip & Oogie

Goof Fox & Diva- Squirrel
Barked: Sun Mar 4, '12 1:26pm PST 
I love seeing everyone’s results from these! Personality type assessments (well, any psychological type assessments, really) have always been fascinating to me as psychology is one of my two biggest passions! My second is nature wink And I love dogs, so finding tests for both owner and dog was something that was exciting in the nerdiest possible way for me laugh out loud I’m glad you guys are enjoying this thread smile

Scruffy, you and Oogie are personality twins! I found the description fit her really well- sniffing around offlead is pretty much her FAVORITE thing ever. Bitty thing could sniff FOR DAYS and not get tired of it!

Nicky, PBS nature is awesome! Both me and my pup’s love it. Kip and Oogie really get into watching nature shows/documentaries; it’s actually kind of funny to see them watch the screen so intently! Kip especially enjoys documentaries with elephants for some reason- I think he is fascinated by the noises they make.

I wonder if (and if so how) the Owner Behavior Types correlate to the Myers-Briggs Personality types? I’m ENFP with a very slight preference for E, moderate-high preference for N, moderate preference for F, and high preference for P. It would make sense to me that people with “F” in their MB personality types would be predominately in the “feeler” category of the Owner Behavior Types, and that the “Doer” category would have way more people with J’s in their MB Types as opposed to P’s. The “thinker” category would likely have MB types with T instead of F.

I also wonder about trends and averages frequently. Like, “what is the most common Owner Behavior Pattern Type for dogster members?” and “What is the most common doggie CBTI result?” Granted, every person and every dog is an individual- so each person/dog is unique in their responses- but I can’t help but be curious as to whether some types would be more common than others! AND whether some CBTI types would be more specific/common to certain breeds vs others.
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Tue Mar 6, '12 2:49pm PST 
Jewel got Dreamer. This part "sniffing about off lead most of all" hit a little too close to home considering at the last OB trial we got all ZEROS for off-leash heeling because she took off sniffing. confused
Kip & Oogie

Goof Fox & Diva- Squirrel
Barked: Tue Mar 6, '12 7:29pm PST 
Jewel how funny! Your Jewel and my Oogie are one in the same in that respect (she’s also a “dreamer”)! I can’t trust her fluffy little butt off leash in non-enclosed/unfenced areas because she is far more interested in running off and sniffing ALL THE THINGS rather than performing a good recall… Granted, she’s pretty wishy-washy on performing recall to begin with- she seems to come when you call her only if she “feels” like it, which is maybe 50-70% of the time…Following orders is not her strong suit. Being cute though? She's awesome at that!! I’m pleased I was able to teach her the handful of tricks she knows, though most the time she performs them quite begrudgingly and tries to get it over with as soon as possible laugh out loud My “diplomat” Kip, on the other hand, has excellent recall and is extremely motivated to learn and perform. Lately I’ve been considering enrolling him in agility classes because it seems like something his personality would fit into well, and it also seems like something he would really enjoy.

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Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Wed Mar 7, '12 6:28am PST 
Jewel makes me insane because she knows tons of stuff but just won't always do it...shrug

She was the first dog in our agility for fun class to be working off leash, one of the few dogs off-leash at the demos we did...she's freaking smart she just doesn't care.
Kip & Oogie

Goof Fox & Diva- Squirrel
Barked: Wed Mar 7, '12 12:08pm PST 
Jewel, she's just an intelligent lady with her own agenda in the universe! BEYONCE WOULD BE PROUD. laugh out loud

My Oogie is much the same. Bitty thing is smart and can learn, no doubt- but in her mind, doing things SHE wants to do take priority over things YOU want her to do... Unless you have cottage cheese or beef- then, she will do what you ask, but like I said she's a total diva about it. Honestly I think it's adorable that a dog so small (3.5 pounds) can be so full of herself! It's not like she's trying to take over the world though, no Napoleon complex here thankfully- she's just ignoring the world and living in her own chosen (and decidedly superior) "Princess Oogie Bubble" where it's all about Oogie all the time laugh out loud I call her my little honey badger for a reason... "Honey Badger don't care!!! Honey badger don't give a *you know what*! It takes what it wants"...

That said she is a smart and manipulative little thing. If Kip has a chew she wants, rather than outright taking it from him she will slink up to me and be all wiggly and cute so that I praise and pet her... Kip hears the praise, IMMEDIATELY drops his chew and comes bounding over to steal the attention from Oogie (he literally will wedge himself between us and flail around like a goof- he tends to get jealous quite easily), and the instant Kip is distracted, Oogie bolts and goes and steals the chew that Kip had! Then Kip realizes he's been tricked and proceeds to flail around on the floor and whine. She gets him EVERY TIME this way. big laugh

I'll never forget her puppy classes. She was the smallest pup there. She wasn't scared or afraid of other dogs, but come socialization "off leash" time, while all the other dogs were sniffing each other's bums and chasing one another around, there was my little Oogie off exploring and sniffing the total opposite side of the room on her own. We joked and called her my little "free spirit." To an extent she's still much this way when we go to playdates or meetups with other small dogs- she is initially polite in greeting, but when the chasing games start, all the dogs are chasing Kip and trying to catch his fast little butt while Oogie is off on her own sniffing the grass and the trees meditate Occasionally she will grace the group with her presence and take part in the chasing games though, but ONLY after she has thoroughly sniffed all that she deems needing sniffing. Little lady's got PRIORITIES! laugh out loud
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