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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 6:38am PST 
I ate waaay too much chili cheese dip last night.laugh out loud

I'm not big on t.v. series/shows but I do watch Survivor pretty regularly. New season is starting soon.

Walked a lot over the weekend to justify my binge of chips, cheese and brownies. Sanka walked with me for about 8 miles total. Kato got in about 10. Probably more since he was running around. Went on a lovely hike in the snow at the state park hunting grounds. Went to the area I don't frequent. That loop is 5 miles. Absolute heaven.cloud 9

Told my grandmother, who is in Michigan, about us finally getting some snow. She responded saying they got some snow too...........20+ inches!shock I don't think I've ever seen that much snow at once.

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 6:53am PST 
Good Morningwavewavewavehughughughughug

Roxy- We didn't get our pups chipped when they were younger but due to a huge increase in dog thefts locally,they will be done next month when they go for their wellness check. Our shelter doesn't chip but our vet does. Cost depends on which chip you choose as he carries several different brands. Dear One and I were also Closer fans.I had video taped Season One and got him hooked waiting for Season II,we now have all 7 on DVD. Leave Thor home and enjoy the Donut!!!hughug

Flika- Actually,I find that very interesting. There was a time in my life when I hated history and would have been bored silly by something like that,but now that it is no longer crammed down my throat and only in one perspective,I have found I am much more interested. Hope you are able to rest with some comfort. One day at a time and keep moving forward is the only way it works. Hugs to you as well.hughughug Sometimes,the more it hurts,the more I look for to make me smile. A good memory,the pups silliness, or just how lucky I am to have those I love around me.flowers

Bunny,Sanka,Toto,Onyx,Dunlop,Tyler,Turner and others-wavehug I will check in later.
Hoping everyone has a good day.happy dancehugwishesflowers
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 8:13am PST 
wave Hi guys, as some of you (on my FB) know I have a bit of a situation on my hands here.

That is my new foster. A Standard poodle puppy, yes they are plotting to make me foster fail. Evil is afoot. It was an under the table deal to get him direct to me so I know there's plotting going on. They're probably all sitting around just typing evil laughter to each other in e-mails.

I got a text Friday night, "Do you want to foster a poodle?" and by Saturday afternoon he was here! Ryder got adopted early Saturday afternoon and a few hours later I had River.

He's about 14 weeks old and was on his 2nd home because people are stupid. STUPID! He's fabulous, everything I always thought a pure poodle would be. He's so smart! Not a single accident, knock on wood because he's got an upset tummy from food change right now. He's loving, snuggly, playful and SMART. My heart wants to keep him but my brain says TOO BIG. He's already been going for Jewel and snagged her new sweater. I know it's training and he's already backing off except when he gets excited so I know that when he's older he'd be good but I'm worried about an accident. About him just not seeing her one time and that would be all it would take and I would NEVER be able to forgive myself.

A couple people have told me he's "big boned" and that his feet are huge for a poodle so Toto I come to you. With 14 weeks as a rough age, 20-22lbs (on the skinny side) and about 16" at the shoulder can you tell me a rough adult size?

Here's a picture of him with Chloe (30lbs, 15" shoulder) Size?

And here's Jewel in her new sweater, she wanted her picture taken too. Prettiest Poodle here!


bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 8:19am PST 
Jewel, you're holding up better than I would if I had a dog like that dropped in my lap!! laugh out loud He's gorgeous!
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 9:12am PST 
I'm fighting it Nicky. Last night I didn't want to crate him which is a bad sign. Jewel's not crate trained because I couldn't listen to her cry so if I can't listen to River cry it will be bad bad bad.

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 9:48am PST 

wavecloud 9:shhlaugh out loudwinkpuppydog walkcloud 9
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 10:43am PST 
Morning All..... Yes Bunny... real history !!!

Wavesss to Sanka....

M&K... Histiory has been and always will be a consuming interest for me... This is a chance to right severe wrongs.. and he will be interred at Leicester Cathedral early next year... and finally the Tudor lies can be corrected.

Hoping you are having an easier time.

Jewel... its just puppyness...its will go with training.. zillions of people have big and small dogs together. Real question is DO YOU WANT THIS DOG ? If you do.. you will work through the puppy stage like everyone has to and have a wonderful dog... if you dont... then pass him on to the right family when it comes.

Waves to Nicky....
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 11:24am PST 
Wow, that is a tease Jewel. Sounds like a nice enough pup though. I will say, Kato was a wonderful pup in the training department but a devilish fiend when it came to playing with me and other dogs. He's since turned out to be one awesome dog. I'm sure you didn't want to hear that though.laugh out loud

Sanka's vet trip went well. He's got an ear infection all right. Vet tech started to tell me how to put the drops in, and I just had to tell her that I've had way too much practice doing it, so I'm well versed in ear cleaning techniques unfortunately. Asked them about the dental, and the vet said basically what I was thinking. Teeth aren't really in that bad of shape, but the back teeth could benefit from cleaning.

By complete chance, they were advertising February as dental cleaning month and were having promotional offers. Free antibiotics, free teeth cleansing water additive, free pain killers (if needed) AND I get entered into a drawing for a 32" tv if I get my dog's teeth cleaned there.dancing So, the Sankster is signed up. Drop him off tomorrow morning and pick him up after work.

Dunlop-named for- the rider not- the tyer
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 11:25am PST 

Jewell, best of luck. If I had a puppy of any description drop in my lap at.the moment it would imediatley have a forever with me. I'm surrounded by people getting puppies.or people having babies. Gravitating towards the first group.

Counting down the hours tonight. Bored and quite and not motivated to do anything much. Still got a fair amount done though. Think the lack of motivation may have to do with the fact we cleaned and sprayed our flat for carpet lice after they caught a lift home from a friends house to ours. Furniture.got moved out and vacuumed behind, wardrobes cleaned out -i'm going to buy new boots for winter. Multiple pairs. After my bank recovers from the new bed and $200 worth of specialty work shoes!! Better safe than sorry.

As for movies, give me an action flick any day. Or an old myths and legends one like 'Lady Hawk'. Futurama over family guy, and antiques/restoration shows too. Found a scrap booking one thats usefull too. They did a pets special the other day.

Roxy, let the vet know about the lady too, just incase they can get your address of the vet. Just incase.

On my phone so please.excuse the typo's!!

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 11:37am PST 
Oh wow Jewel. He's gorgeous! I agree with Flicka, do YOU want him? If so then you do manage to deal with things as it happens. Missy is DA and reactive but that hasn't stopped me bringing in Ty and later on, my new pup too! Thankfully she's been fine with Ty so i have no doubts she'll be ok with the new pup too. But i'm sure Jewell would come around eventually if you decided to keep him.

I heard about the remains being Richard III aswell, Flicka. Pretty incredible stuff!

Hope Sanka's dental goes well! I know only to well about ear infections also with Ty frown

M&K, Dunlop, Nicky, Bunny, everyone....wave
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