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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 1:09pm PST 
I feel stupid, Jewel. I never understood why all these coats started having those double zippers. I find it a pain as I get one zipper connected, but the second one is off just a little bit so it screws everything up. And then I just wondered what kind of fashion statement people were making by walking around with their coats unzipped from the bottom.laugh out loud
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 1:24pm PST 
Sanka, if you're fat like me, you need to unzip the bottom to sit down, BOL!!!!
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 1:30pm PST 
Me too Toto! laugh out loud


bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 1:42pm PST 
I have a long coat that goes just past my knees and I wish the zipper had a double zipper on it. I have to use the snaps all the time and it is such a pain. I can't use the zipper because then I can't get up steps. I can't even snap it up over my neck with my scarf on but the zipper would give a little bit more room and could close.
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 2:50pm PST 
Turner.. glad the pups had some warmth.. THANKYOU.

While you are lokking for a lake.. can you find one for us... with water in??

Ask hubby if he wants to tour an autopsy room... that has a way of making people fully understand about health issues... when they dont want to hear.. !!

GREAT news onn the shoes !! $25 is a NICE number !!

Wavesssss to Toto and Sanka ! ~~~~~~~~~~~

Jewel.... I want one of the all in one fleece suits again... yearsssssssss ago a Canadian friend who breeds horses sent me one.. she used to wander out to the barns in the snow to check the mares in it ! I would love one again ! Glad Chloe is doing better.. Jettie... stairs would have been hard but not impossible.. wondering if ther is a way to still work with that if all was ok otherwise? It really shouldnt be a deal breaker that I can see....

Is that shaved cats because people(owners) are to damned lazy to brush them Toto??

Waves to Sonja !~~~~~~

Nicky.. tea "thingies" ?????? Buy a teapot.. teapots are common.. and not rocket science !!!

Jewel.. guess it was a deal breaker.. wonder what the heck they (vets) would say if a dog with a home became 3 legged..
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 2:56pm PST 
Nikki, a tea thingie is a little metal screen type ball that keeps the tea leaves out of your cup, right? You put the loose tea in it, and it hangs on the side of your tea pot. Flicka, you MUST know the name of this, which is escaping me right now!
Yes, the cats are shaved because the owners are lazy!

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 3:29pm PST 
I can't imagine shaving a cat, poor things!

I was gonna say the same thing Flicka about Jettsen and stairs. Is it really necessary he even needs to use them? He could sleep downstairs wink
But glad to hear he's got another potential adopter on the cards *fingers crossed for him*

I have a headache and no painkillers left! frown Have just sent an enquiry booking form to a holiday cottage too. Looks like a nice area although the beaches don't look as nice as the ones we've been used to the past couple of years.
Natasha - 美花- ~Beautiful- Flower~

Let's play tag!- You're it!
Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 3:43pm PST 
Sarah - Hugs for Gus, hope he feels better soon!hug

Turner - So glad you were able to get the Boxers some hay, just in time!hug

Toto - I hope all those cats are indoor only! silenced My older sister used to live in an apartment complex where there was a cat in a lion cut that was put outside during the day, every day, even in the winter! My sister took a picture of it meowing at their door, shivering from the cold! confused She wanted so badly to bring it inside but her husband is severely allergic to cats, so she couldn't. Also, lion cuts are ugly(on this one cat anyway, it looked horrendous)...I don't know what people see in them. shrug

Jewel - *Fingers crossed* that this next person will work out for Jettsen! He deserves a good home! cheer

Sanka - I didn't know what the double zipper was for either! laugh out loud

The tea "thingies" are called either strainers or infusers, whichever name you prefer to use. Usually the grey mesh ones are called strainers, all the other fancy things are called infusers. They both work the same, holding the loose tea so it doesn't get in your cup when you pour it out of the teapot. They also make small ones for the individual cup if you just want one cup, so you don't have to make a full teapot of tea.

Have a nice day everyone, stay warm! wave

Edited by author Wed Jan 23, '13 3:46pm PST


bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 4:21pm PST 
Infuser! That's it. Thank you, Natasha.

Ugh, I don't know what is with Nicky lately but I came home to a clump of vomit in his crate. My mom said a brillo pad fell on the floor but she didn't notice it until later. I poked around with a stick and there were 2 pieces of the brillo pad in it. I really hope that was all of it. I gave him half his dinner in case he throws up again. Gah! The Turtles I get, but brillo pads are all pokey and hurty!
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 4:47pm PST 
Naughty Nicky!!

BUNNY HUG! That has got to be the cutest name for a piece of clothing EVER! I like that way better than hoodie!

I dug around and found some Strongid I had left over from the puppies and gave it to Gus yesterday. I also gave him a bunch of pumpkin with his food last night. this morning- no diarrhea, and a few roundworms came out. I also dropped off a fecal sample last night, which came back negative, but I'm guessing that's from the Strongid earlier in the day... Gus got neutered today and the techs gave him a new hairdo!

New 'Do
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