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Barked: Tue Jan 3, '12 9:02pm PST 
In the city...yes. County...noshrug Not sure why

Dogs are allowed to walk off lead on county land too.

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Barked: Mon Jan 16, '12 8:16am PST 
Am I the only one that doesn't register their dogs? Our fees are really low $5 for altered and $10 for intact annually. In the 6 years and through both dog bite incidents, we have never once been asked about our registration. The animals are kept up to date with vaccines. Does anyone know what the registration money goes towards?

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Barked: Mon Jan 16, '12 11:43pm PST 
I think there might be a way to license Samson, somewhere, but I don't have a clue how I'd go about it.

So no, he isn't licensed, and I really don't see the point in going to the trouble of finding out to. Just more money out of my pocket.

I live in the sticks though so I'm not even 100% sure I'm supposed to. I've never been asked about it.


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Barked: Tue Jan 17, '12 12:09am PST 
Yep, it's a county requirement. The money goes to Animal Services to help fund staffing and programs.

You must provide proof of rabies (certificate signed by the vet that administered the vaccine or a medical waiver) and proof of speuter to get the discount.

Licenses are valid for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years

Speutered $19 (1 year) $35 (2 years) $49 (3 years)
Fertile $36 (1 year) $69 (2 years) $98 (3 years)
Senior Citizens $15 (1 year) $27 (2 years) $39 (3 years)
Replacement tags and license transfers from other counties are $5.

It's a $500 fine to not license a dog.
AC will make surprise visits if a license is allowed to lapse or a rabies certificate is not sent in if it expires before license renewal.

Here there are benefits if a dog wearing a license is picked up by ACO or brought into the shelter as a stray.

* If picked up by an ACO, the licensed dog can be taken straight home instead of to the shelter if the ACO can get in touch with the owners using the license info.

* If an injured licensed dog is picked up by an ACO, the dog will get emergency medical care.

* 1st time impound fees are $44 cheaper for licensed dogs.

* Licensed dogs brought into the shelter are held longer before being placed for adoption.
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Barked: Tue Jan 17, '12 5:14am PST 
Part of our licensing fee goes towards a program that provides vaccinations and sterilization to pets adopted from our municipal shelters.

Usually you can obtain info and a dog license through the Town Hall's Town Clerk if licensing is required.

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Barked: Fri Feb 24, '12 6:52pm PST 
Tyson, I used to work at a no kill shelter, we always loved it when a dog came in with a license, one more way to track down an ownersmile

Here its 6 dollars for an altered dog and 9 for an unaltered one.

I believe there is a $500 fine for no license and also an additional $500 for no rabies, and just the rabies tag is no good! You need the paper toosmile
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